Meteksan Defence has recently introduced its range of mission, communication, flight and support systems for UAVs. All of these systems have been developed by Meteksan Defence as indigenous products and each holds an assertive and competitive position in the global market.

Meteksan Defence’s solutions, which are listed below, meet the needs of UAV platform manufacturers and end users comprehensively:

  • The MILSAR UAV SAR/GMTI Radar allows UAVs to continue to provide high-resolution images even in weather conditions where electro-optic sensors are ineffective,

  • The C-Band UAV Data Link is a reliable and secure communication solution offering a high data-transmission speed,

  • The OKIS Automatic Take-off and Landing System ensures the safe take-off and landing of UAVs,

  • The Anti-Jamming GNSS eliminates jammer signals targeting Global Positioning Systems,

  • The CRA 201 and CRA 501 Radar Altimeters provide precise altitude data,

  • The TMV Telemeter Transmitter enables critical telemeter data to be transmitted under the most challenging of conditions, and

  • The Flight Control Computer, which offers high reliability.

Some of these subsystems are already being used in Turkey’s leading platforms and projects with great success, as well as by certain international users.

Meteksan Defence develops its UAV mission, communication, flight and support systems based on the know-how gained in different projects. This know-how offers two significant advantages: The first one is the ability to design high-performance and low-budget systems that offer benefits in terms of size, weight and power consumption (SWaP). The systems to be integrated into UAVs are required to fit in very limited volumes, to be light and to have very low power consumption. Meteksan Defence has significant know-how in the development of SWaP-restricted systems and has already integrated such systems to various different platforms, with great success. The SWaP feature of Meteksan Defence’s systems allows UAVs to carry more payload or to fly longer distances.

The second critical advantage is the resistance to electronic warfare (EW). Today’s conflicts are often fought with the additional burden of electronic warfare, such as the jamming of GPS signals. Weapon platforms and their subsystems need to be designed in such a way that they can continue to carry out their mission under the most challenging of combat conditions and in the presence of heavy EW attacks. Meteksan Defence has been working to address this problem since its establishment and has taken such concerns into account in all of its designs, leading to the acquisition of unmatched know-how in the development of such systems. The company is applying this know-how also to the mission, communication, flight and support systems that were developed for unmanned vehicles.

Meteksan Defence offers solutions that make a difference and that bring added value to these two critical areas. Such solutions are of critical importance for the Turkish defence and aerospace sector in its efforts to meet the needs of friendly and allied nations. Having no export restrictions on either the platform or the subsystems that make up an unmanned system, and easy adaptability to user demands are very important qualifications. The subsystems offered by Meteksan Defence for platforms meet all these criteria.