Today, FUCARE launched its new air tight damper product line, FC-RLD-LP heavy-duty bubble-tight(Zero leakage) dampers, to support the increasing demands on high-level air tightness in critical applications.

A regular bubble-tight damper, may work very well at about 7,500 Pa pressure differential to seal the air passage till there is a surprise, which could be a sudden pressure change by accident such as pressure vessel explosion, a minor explosion during laboratory test, etc. In any scenario that the consequence of the possible leak of air passage under accidents is critical, the heavy-duty bubble-tight dampers shall be seriously considered. FUCARE FC-RLD-LP heavy-duty bubble-tight dampers, working at 20KPa, offer more significant safety margin for critical applications than that of regular bubble-tight dampers and this enhances the HVAC systems with greater protection capability against unexpected disasters. It could serve various special applications such as high-level air tightness HVAC systems for NBC laboratories and shelters, nuclear power plants.

FC-RLD-LP heavy-duty bubble-tight dampers is type tested by Eurofins and rated as the best class of air tightness according to standards AMCA 500D, EN1751 and KTA3601.


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