1899 was the year when Simms designed the first armored car. The Vickers armor was 6 mm thick and was powered by a four-cylinder 16 horsepower Daimler engine, giving it a maximum speed of around 14 kilometers per hour. Turtle-shaped vehicle, protected by cannons mounted on all sides and designed to protect from any violent activity. Doesn’t thinking about popularity seem like a waste of time?

After The First Design, What Changes?

It seems amazing, but armored cars had become popular in recent years by either the military or civil life when they were designed for internal security and peacekeeping. Armored cars are designed more like SUV vehicles, so they have a less confrontational and threatening appearance than tanks, and they are designed to be more compatible with urban spaces. These designed factors made armored cars more accessible.

What Makes Armored Cars So Important?

Even though bulletproof glass is used in armored cars and armored plates provide extra security, armored cars still look ordinary. They are designed to safeguard riders and drivers against almost any hostile attack. Particularly in military situations and hot zones, strong armored solutions can offer the best protection. They are ideal for navigating some of the most dangerous places on earth while protecting valuable assets. Keeping qualities in mind, the most important advantage is their ability to operate on run-flat tires.

Run Flat Tires

Run Flat Tires allow the people to continue driving even if there is no air pressure. These tires are mainly used in armored cars to provide extreme levels of safety.  Run Flat Tires give the people more control over the car when they are completely deflated. That is the most important factor that prevents people from losing control and getting into an accident. There is only one thing that run-flat tires can not be repaired.

Run Flat Changer Machine

Run-flat tires cannot be repaired because they lose their structure and integrity when driven without air pressure. However, there is a possibility to reuse tires repeatedly with a run-flat changing machine designed by GM Defensive. Run Flat Changing Machine helps cut costs by reusing tires and ensuring the vehicles are safe during military operations.