GM Defensive Ind. Co., a trusted name in the defence industry, has marked another milestone. Renowned for its innovative solutions in armoured vehicles, military vehicles, and armoured personnel carriers, the company recently announced a significant sale. The GMR-023 Workshop Run-Flat Changer, a key product from their esteemed lineup, has been sold to Barzan Maintenance Shield (BMS) in Qatar.

Barzan Maintenance Shield: A Pillar in Defense

Cementing Ties with Middle Eastern Defense Pioneer

BMS, part of Barzan Holdings, stands out in the Middle East defence industry. With a goal to lead in maintaining and servicing the Qatar Armed Forces, BMS matches Qatar’s Vision 2030. Their dedication to empowering the local workforce and adhering to global service standards not only boosts the region’s defence capabilities but also promotes sustainable development. BMS strengthens its role in the area by focusing on local skills and global service standards.

GMR-023: Revolutionizing Tire Maintenance

Innovative Run Flat Changer Machine for Modern Armies

The GMR-023 Workshop Run-Flat Changer is a testament to GM Defensive’s engineering prowess. Designed for efficiency and compatibility, this machine simplifies tyre maintenance for armoured vehicles. Its hydraulic piston-cylinder system ensures quick and cost-effective run-flat tyre changes, making it indispensable in combat zones and emergency scenarios.

GM Defensive: A Global Defense Stalwart

Decades of Dedication to Defense Excellence

Since its inception in 1980, GM Defensive has been at the forefront of defence technology. Serving over 27 countries and installing machines in more than 40 locations, the company’s impact is globally acknowledged. The GMR-023 is part of a proud lineage of products that embody GM’s commitment to quality, evidenced by certifications like the CE, NATO’s Certificate of Conformity, and ISO 9001.

The Middle Eastern Footprint

GM Defensive: A Defense Leader Across the Middle East

GM Defensive has established itself as a top defence company in the Middle East, far beyond the recent sale to BMS. Its products, especially the run-flat tyre changer machines, are integral to the defence strategies of numerous nations. The company’s expertise is trusted by armies, organizations, and maintenance companies across the region, including Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, and Iraq.

This widespread adoption of GM Defensive’s technology underlines its role as a key driver of defence capabilities and technological progression in the Middle East. The GMR-023’s sale to BMS is just the latest example of GM Defensive’s enduring commitment to enhancing regional security and defence readiness.

GM Defensive and BMS: Driving Defense Innovation Forward

The sale of the GMR-023 Run-Flat Changer Machine to Barzan Maintenance Shield is a testament to GM Defensive’s dedication to excellence and innovation. As GM Defensive continues to expand its reach and refine its technologies, the defence sectors in Qatar and the broader Middle East stand to gain immensely. This partnership is a clear indicator of GM Defensive’s commitment to supporting the defence capabilities of nations, fostering a safer and more secure world.