MKU, which is presenting at the Eurosatory, has contributed defence and security solutions to various governments in Europe, including Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Estonia; Prachi Gupta leads the company’s optronics division.

International Security and Defence Company MKU brings to Eurosatory two revolutionary optronic solutions: Netro NB-3100 Aviation Night Vision Goggles and Netro Aiming Solutions. The first is designed to help aircraft and helicopter pilots navigate while flying at low altitudes or taking off or landing in pitch darkness or threatening conditions. The latter comprises sophisticated sighting solutions for those operating grenade launchers, heavy and light machine guns and rifles.  

“Vision, that we take for granted in daily life, can become a precious commodity in combat situations,” says Prachi Gupta, CEO of MKU’s optronics division. “It can mean the difference between victory and defeat, life and death. MKU’s optronic solutions are developed after listening to the problems of the modern soldier. The Netro NB-3100 Aviation Night Vision Goggles and Netro Aiming Solutions have been evolved as a solution to such problems.”  

Ms Gupta, who graduated with a BE degree (Systems Engineering) from the University of Warwick, UK, has been with MKU for more than 9 years, during which time she introduced the company’s optronics division. In this position she has led the company on a major growth trajectory, opening up new horizons for defence technology around the world. In keeping with MKU’s motto, she believes in developing efficient soldier and platform optronic systems that ‘empower heroes’. MKU’s theme for the Eurosatory 2022 is ‘Force Undeterred, Innovation Unmatched’, and Ms Gupta epitomise this spirit of innovation.  

Here are key features of the two products Ms Gupta will be presenting at Eurosatory: 

(1)  The Netro NB-3100 Aviation Night Vision Goggles are designed to help aircraft and helicopter pilots to effectively navigate while flying at very low altitudes to avoid detection in high threat environments, or while taking off or landing at night or in pitch dark conditions or dangerous environments. The smart night vision device is powered by a Gen III Image Intensifier Sensor for excellent low light performance. Along with this, there are custom cockpit modification solutions to control and convert the lighting system in cockpits, as well as cargo and passenger areas, to make them compatible for use with the Aviation Night Vision Goggles (or ANVG). This includes: 

  • ANVG compatible lighting for instrument panel, subpanel and overhead panel 
  • NVG (Night Vision Goggles) compatible floodlights 
  • NVG compatible LED lamp substitutes

The Aviation Night Vision Goggles are ideal for use in recce and rescue missions. 

(2) If the ANVG is for the modern pilot then MKU’s Netro Aiming Solutions are made up of refined state-of-the-art sighting and aiming solutions for the modern soldier. Particularly, those who operate grenade launchers, heavy and light machine guns and rifles. These optronic solutions enhance long-range target accuracy through dust, smoke, fog and darkness. They include a Thermal Weapon Sight, Laser Range Finder and Red Dot Sight custom mounted on the weapon for unmatched aim. “Both these solutions are emblematic of MKU’s ‘smart trinity’ that is made up of functionality, technology and design,” says Ms Gupta. 

MKU GmbH, Germany, is committed to defence and security solutions in Europe. They have provided ballistic body armour to the Spanish Army and Estonian police force, ballistic shields to Norwegian and Swedish police forces and ballistic armour plates to the Spain border police. 

MKU has armoured helicopters, naval frigates and army containers for the German Army as well. Their armouring solutions for German Army containers in the past have helped the army safeguard themselves from severe firing by terrorists. The company also has a long term cooperation and development agreement with the French major Thales, for the co-development and marketing of optronic devices.