A KNPC delegation team have recently visited HUNTER facility to conduct an on-site inspection to their modular blast-resistant shelters, equipped with FUCARE FC-RBV-11 High-Performance Blast Valves, developed for KNPC MAA REFINERY upgrade project.

The KNPC delegate team was satisfied with the overall performance of shelter systems and really impressed by FUCARE FC-RBV-11 High-Performance Blast Valves because during operation these blast valves are so much quieter than they expected.

Blast valves are normally designed with indirect flow passage where the blades can take more blast load of blast waves for fast closing and also make it difficult for blast waves to penetrate the air passage. However, the indirect air passage of blast valves also increases the airflow resistance significantly, thus the flow velocity of air passing nearby the blades, could reach high level, which means, NOISE.

For concrete blast shelters, the noise from blast valves might not be a concern because the blast wall is about 300mm thick so it could stop noise entering the buildings. For modular shelters, where workers are meters away from blast valves and with a steel wall in between, the big noise from blast valves could cause headaches to those workers inside the modular shelters.

Thanks to its innovative tortoise-shell design which applies unique tiny blades and optimised air passage, FC-RBV-11 High-Performance Blast Valve finds the best mix of protection performance and flow efficiency which enable it to be quieter blast protector. With a FC-RBV-11 High Performance Blast Valve by Column 2 x Row 3, its working noise is about 67dBA, which means it is probably one of the quietest in the market.