FN Herstal, a major international actor in the field of kinetic energy Less Lethal capabilities with almost 25,000 FN 303® systems in service, will present for the first time a completely new concept; the FN Smart ProtectoR™ at the MILIPOL Paris exhibition.

Thanks to this totally innovative concept the Belgian manufacturer will be able to propose a credible alternative to systems such as rubber ball launchers and electroshock handguns for short and very short range engagements.

Safe, accurate and easy to use The FN Smart ProtectoR™ is an integrated, wearable and compact solution, which can be used safely in a proportional manner to deal with threats from individuals who are not using a firearm at short and very short ranges.

The FN Smart ProtectoR™ presented at MILIPOL Paris is composed of three complementary elements:

  • the FN 306™ launcher
  • the FN VictoR®-SP image recognition system
  • a red dot sight

A less Lethal system with controlled effect

Fitted with a 5-tube magazine, the FN 306™ launcher fires 12.55mm FN SP calibre cartridges featuring an elastomer projectile. This elastomer, specially designed for this level of force, has been made to drastically reduce the risk of bodily harm. Both the cartridge and the calibre are specific innovations from FN Herstal.

The incapacitation level of the FN 306™ and its ammunition is equivalent to the effect generally given by a strike from a baton (30 joules) with a clear advantage for law enforcement and security forces: being able to intervene from a distance of up to 10 meters, with extreme accuracy.

Unlike some Less Lethal systems on the market, there is no minimum safe distance for intervention with the FN 306™. Handling of the launcher, which is compact and similar to a pistol, requires drills and procedures already acquired and mastered by police and security personnel.

Maximum safety and effectiveness thanks to a real-time image recognition system

Combined with the FN 306™, the FN VictoR®-SP is an innovative safety enhancing system that captures and analyses images in real-time to detect the shape of a human body, and categorize specific parts of the body as areas that are authorized or forbidden to engage. If an area that must not be engaged, such as the head, is recognized, the system warns the user or blocks firing.

Respecting the physical integrity of the individual at all times

While working on this project, FN Herstal’s objective is to propose to police and security forces in the coming months an effective and safe solution that will allow them to respect the physical integrity of the individual, or group of individuals, to be engaged.

Patented by FN Herstal, the FN Smart ProtectoR™ concept is based on the FN 306™ at present. FN Herstal has not ruled out integrating it later with current or future Less Lethal systems in the product range.

Come and discover the brand-new FN Smart ProtectoR™ concept on the FN Herstal booth (Belgian pavilion, Hall 5, J042) during the MILIPOL Paris exhibition, to be held from 19 to 22 October 2021.