Fleet Control is a multi-billion euro industry in Europe. MKU gears up to pivot it towards the needs of defence and security forces. ‘Autro Platform Intelligence’ will be presented to the world at Eurosatory 2022.

International Defence and Homeland Security Company MKU has stepped into a new vertical with the unveiling of its cutting edge Fleet Control Solution called ‘Autro Platform Intelligence’ at Eurosatory that is to be held at Paris, France, from June 13 to 17, 2022. The smart solution has been developed to securely track, respond to and monitor vehicle-dependent missions with total control, ensuring maximum efficiency. ‘Autro Platform Intelligence’ comprises multiple functionalities that can be configured as per mission requirement via user-friendly dashboard interfaces.

Fleet management has developed into a multi-billion-euro industry in Europe in recent years and is ever growing. Installed Fleet management systems are projected to hit 22.5 million by 2025. Globally, the fleet management industry was valued at $ 19.47 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $ 53.50 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 10.6% from 2021 to 2030. The fleet management software segment is expected to breach the 12% mark in 2023, even as the telematics software segment reaches a high of 11.8%. This growth rate is expected to remain steady until 2030.

More importantly, 42% of users have witnessed fewer safety incidents since using fleet tracking software to monitor driver behaviour. 22.2% of crashes reported were brought down when Artificial Intelligence (capable of detecting roadblocks, heavy traffic, intersections and roundabouts) was implemented on route planning. According to the 2022 Fleet Technology Trends Report, 62% of GPS tracking users have reported a positive ROI. Also, 42% of those currently using a fleet tracking solution consider it extremely beneficial.

Also consider that 32% of existing fleets believe that fuel is their largest expense, making fuel management crucial. 55% of fleets have reported reduced fuel costs after using telematics software. A 30% of savings on fuel cost per year in fleet industries was reported after implementing AI technologies like route optimization.

This is the context into which MKU has brought its Autro Platform Intelligence, signalling terrific growth for the international defence and homeland security company on the one hand, and a refashioning of how we think of defence and security on the other. “MKU’s Autro Platform Intelligence aims to deliver both security and optimisation,” says Karan Gupta, MKU’s Vice President, Strategy and New Business Development, who is leading this initiative. “In developing this solution we have thought not just of the individual lives of soldiers or security personnel, or the lives of the people that they safeguard, but also about how to best benefit defence and security forces on the whole— through the success of their operations as well as the optimisation of their budgets and resources.”

Mr. Gupta, an engineer from Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, has been instrumental in creating a culture of operational excellence within the company, through an improvement of internal processes and a focus on consumer centricity. With this initiative, he is ready to lead MKU into a new growth trajectory. Like with MKU’s Kavro division, focused on armour, and the Netro division, focused on optronic solutions, the Autro division, driven by Artificial Intelligence systems, opens up a universe of opportunities for the company.

To give you a sense of why Autro will be a game-changer for MKU, here is a list of solutions that the company’s Autro Platform Intelligence provides, under four different heads:


  • Cloud/private-network hosting
  • Preventing unauthorised vehicle usage with Face ID
  • Immobilising vehicle in case of misuse
  • Locking system digitally in case of misuse
  • Liability protection with incidental video recording
  • 6 month archive access


  • Real-time surveillance on a single interface
  • Receiving emergency/breakdown alerts
  • Receiving entry/exit, stoppage and route deviation alerts
  • Receiving over-speeding and harsh driving alerts
  • Running vehicle diagnostics via the dashboard


  • Planning dispatch, ETAs, delays and backup with live tracking
  • Transmitting coordinates with an on-board navigation system
  • Analysing threats with driver and road facing live-streams
  • Transmitting emergency response training to the driver
  • Real-time driver coaching with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)   


  • Optimising the route for improved cost-per-mile
  • Preventing fuel theft
  • Preventing maintenance delays
  • Monitoring distracted/drowsy driver behaviour
  • Monitoring driving hours and duration
  • Maintaining driver scorecards

MKU GmbH, Germany, is committed to defence and security solutions in Europe. They have provided ballistic body armour to the Spanish Army and Estonian police force, ballistic shields to Norwegian and Swedish police forces and ballistic armour plates to the Spain border police.

MKU has armoured helicopters, naval frigates and army containers for the German Army as well. Their armouring solutions for German Army containers in the past have helped the army safeguard themselves from severe firing by terrorists. The company also has a long term cooperation and development agreement with the French major Thales, for the co-development and marketing of optronic devices.

“We believed it only appropriate that MKU’s Autro Platform Intelligence be launched at the Eurosatory,” says Mr. Gupta. “Europe has known the value of efficient fleet management for a while now. And it is our honour to be able to present the same for its security and defence forces.”