John Cockerill Defense España is proud to present, at Feindef 2021, its new product combining modularity, reliability and high performance: the Cockerill 1030. John Cockerill Defence Spain is also exhibiting the 30mm and 105mm versions of the Cockerill 3000 Series, of which hundreds of units have been delivered to the Middle East and Asia in recent years.

Feindef 2021 is the opportunity for John Cockerill Defence España to present its new turret, the Cockerill 1030. Lightweight, accurate, multi-mission and with high firepower, the Cockerill 1030 is the answer to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s armed forces. Its light weight (<1.5t with level 2 ballistic protection), its compactness (1.5m diameter at the vehicle interface), 200 round capacity, 2 digital vision systems, high elevation (up to 70°) and the ability to integrate a wide range of subsystems such as AT missiles, rockets, APS, 360° close observation) make it the ideal weapon system for all vehicles and missions (APC, IFV, anti-drone, amphibious).

With more than 1,000 turrets in service worldwide, the teams at John Cockerill Defence have acquired unique expertise in reliability and performance from which the Cockerill 1030 benefits. This can be discovered on stand E21 in Hall 10. Also on display will be the Cockerill 3000 Series, the multi-purpose weapon system, manned or unmanned, to equip any wheeled or tracked vehicle and accommodating 30, 40, 90 and 105mm guns on a single chassis.

The C3030, manned and equipped with a 30mm gun, and the C3105, manned and equipped with a 105mm gun, will be presented here. The modularity of this unique series allows a high degree of commonality in terms of training, maintenance and spare parts, thus optimising maintenance management and system availability, and ultimately the total life cycle cost.

This year the focus will be put on innovation. Various innovation projects will indeed be demonstrated and visitors will have the opportunity to try them out for themselves. Some of these projects will also be presented as part of the second edition of the Defense Security Innovation Brokerage (DSiB), the innovation competition organised by the Feindef Foundation.

John Cockerill Defense Spain – Feindef 2021 – stand E21 – Hall 10