The FAUN Trackway® team return from a week exercising with the Nato battle groups at Saber Strike 2018, Poland.

Our Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS) operated in support of the improved ribbon bridge (IRB) emplacement across Zly Leg Lake, Drawsko Pomorskie. Soldiers from the 341st Multi-Role Bridge Company positioned the bridge to enabled the Polish 12th Mechanized Brigade and US 2-8 Cavalry Brigade to cross the Zly Leg basin during their combined manoeuvres.

The HGMS was partnered with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) HX77, expediently laying M150 Trackway® to provide ground stability and access points. Both for the bridge installation, and on the bridging ingress and egress sustaining the heavy vehicle movements.

Saber Strike 2018 is the eighth iteration of the long-standing, US Army Europe-led cooperative training exercise to validate the collective capability to respond to and reinforce Allies in a time of crisis.

Carried out annually since 2010, the exercise operates at multiple sites with the US leading the Nato battle group in Poland, while the UK, Canada and Germany command three others in nearby Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania respectively, where the other Saber Strike manoeuvres are planned.

FAUN Trackway® was proud to play a role in such a prestigious exercise. We would like to thank the co-operation provided by the DSO Export Support Team, Captain Geoff Hill RE and WO2 James Collins RE, attending the exercise as operators and ambassadors from the British Army.