At the DSEI International Defence Exhibition, John Cockerill Defense is showcasing the 105mm variant of the Cockerill® 3000 Series turret. John Cockerill Defense is proud to announce that it has already produced and delivered more than six hundred turrets, with over hundred equipped with the Cockerill 105 gun, also produced by John Cockerill Defense.

For the record, John Cockerill Defense won a major contract in 2014 to supply Cockerill 3000 Series turrets. Based on our unique modular concept, the Cockerill® 3000 Series is aplatform that allows a single turret to integrate guns of different calibres and the corresponding technological modules: automatic guns of 25 mm, 30 mm, 30/40 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm calibre as well as direct fire guns of 90 and 105 mm calibre. These systems can also fire missiles.

Thanks to their unique operational capability, the rapid interchangeability of their crews and weapons and their very high level of commonality, the Cockerill 3000 Series modular turrets can cover all types of missions and objectives on the battlefield (engagement of tanks, bunkers and helicopters, urban combat, intervention in so-called asymmetric conflicts, etc.) at reduced overall operating costs, due to the commonality of the components, training and logistic footprint.

These systems benefit from John Cockerill Defense’s “In-Service Support” and its simulation solutions offered under the Agueris brand. These allow training and education in immersive virtual cockpits as well as in onboard simulators.

Thierry Renaudin, President of John Cockerill Defense: “With more than 600 Cockerill 3000 Series turrets and more than 100 Cockerill® 105 guns already produced and delivered, John Cockerill Defense is demonstrating its ability to deliver large-scale weapon system development and delivery programmes in record time. John Cockerill Defense now benefits from a robust and reliable organisation, capable of designing, qualifying, producing, delivering and supporting large quantities of weapon systems that meet the current and future requirements of modern armed forces.”

John Cockerill Defense – DSEI 2021 – stand H4-109