Total Sec Ltd, the manufacturer of AUTHORITIES GEAR products has today announced new distribution partnership with Brief Ltd.

The agreement involves the exclusive distribution of the AUTHORITIES GEAR brand in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Kim Starck, Vice President Export of Total Sec Ltd: “Brief Ltd already supplies law enforcement and military entities of Baltic states with highly efficient tactical solutions. Having a partnership with Authorities Gear products will increase Brief Ltd market presence in Baltic countries by sharing and delivering highly efficient defence and security industry expertise, products and solutions from Finland to Baltic countries.”

Brief Ltd are aiming to achieve two goals by concluding partnership with Authorities Gear. To deliver the highest quality tactical gear to Baltic law enforcement entities and use opportunity going global by offering Brief Ltd products to Scandinavian clients through Authorities Gear webstore platform.

Given the geopolitical and homeland aspects in the region, both Total Sec Ltd and Brief Ltd foresee that defense and law enforcement units of our countries deserve highly effective and efficient products and solutions to protect our societies from external and internal enemies making the region the safest and the most habitat friendly among the other regions in the world.