The new DIAMOND PM+ product line was developed following customer demand for improved power extinction ration (PER), coupled with ultra-low insertion loss (IL).

The PM+ product line is available with the DIAMOND E-2000™, DMI and Mini AVIM™ connectors. These connectors incorporate an orientation keying system that allows for a very high PER. Several configurations have been confirmed for wavelengths of 532nm and 1550nm.

Other connectors showing larger orientation keying tolerance are still well served by our standard PM product line.

Polarisation-maintaining optical fibres are used in speciality applications often found in fibre-optic sensing, metrology and laser technology. They are also commonly used in telecommunications when polarised light is required at the input. In addition, polarisation maintaining is expanding rapidly into other markets such as industrial environments, medical science, surveillance & security and more.

DIAMOND supplies high-quality solutions to polarisation-maintaining (PM) and polarising fibre optical interfaces for optimal control of the signal’s polarisation state. Low insertion losses (IL), combined with high polarisation extinction ratios (PER) and very high return losses (RL) are achieved over very broad spectral ranges, due to a combination of accurate optical and mechanical design.

About Diamond SA

Diamond SA is a Swiss company with a long tradition of specialists in the design, development and manufacturing of connectors for precision optical fibres. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Diamond SA is a recognised expert and market leader in fibre-optic connectivity, offering specific and targeted products for each type of market.