Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to France Amplifies Indo-French defence Partnership; MKU’s Unveiling of Kavro TAC-II Revolutionary Ballistic Tactical Vest and Plate Carrier Empowers Europe’s Elite Forces.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepares for his highly anticipated visit to France as the esteemed ‘Guest of Honour’ at the Bastille Day celebrations, the growing importance of the Indo-French defence partnership takes centre stage. This momentous occasion serves as a catalyst for high-level discussions, propelling defence cooperation and strategic initiatives to new heights.

On Friday, PM Modi will attend France’s Bastille Day military parade, which will this year feature a sizable Indian contingent. The prime minister is set to hold extensive talks with French President Emmanuel Macron during the visit. The defence and security cooperation between India and France have been on a major upswing since New Delhi’s procurement of 36 Rafale jets from French Aerospace Major Dassault Aviation. French defence major Safran is also set to jointly develop an engine with India’s relevant state-run defence manufacturers for military aircraft.

Amidst this endeavour of strengthening defence ties, India headquartered company MKU, a global leader in advanced ballistic protection solutions, has unveiled the Kavro TAC-II Male Tactical Plate Carrier Bag. This groundbreaking innovation represents a significant milestone in enhancing the capabilities of Europe’s elite heroes and special forces, delivering unmatched protection and innovation.

The Kavro TAC-II stands apart with its unique dual functionality as both a ballistic tactical vest and plate carrier, making it an exceptional solution for Europe’s elite forces. Engineered to surpass industry standards, this revolutionary gear ensures uncompromising protection, resilience, and adaptability in the face of evolving threats.

Rigorous testing, including 1000 hours of accelerated climatic aging trials in extreme environmental conditions at challenging temperatures of +80°C and a minimum relative humidity of 93%, has validated the plate carrier’s unrivalled performance and durability. It retains its ballistic capabilities, guaranteeing consistent performance even in the harshest and most demanding operational environments.

With features designed to meet the demands of modern combat scenarios, the Kavro TAC-II offers superior versatility. It provides provisions to insert front, back, and side hard ballistic plates, allowing for optimal customization based on mission requirements. The innovative Smart Quick Release System ensures quick opening and closing capabilities, enabling rapid response and flexibility in dynamic situations. Removable comfort pads enhance prolonged wear comfort, while adjustable straps ensure a customizable fit for individuals of different body types without compromising mobility. The integration of a standard MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system facilitates seamless attachment of additional equipment, enabling soldiers to adapt swiftly to diverse combat scenarios.

The exceptional design meticulously eliminates ballistic weak points and mitigates the generation of secondary projectiles that may pose risks to the wearer or others. Moreover, the Kavro TAC-II features a robust extraction device fixed to its back, providing a safe and reliable means of extraction in critical situations, prioritizing the safety of soldiers in high-risk environments.

MKU’s armouring solutions for the German Army containers in the past has helped the army safeguard themselves from severe firing by terrorists. They have provided Norway and Sweden police forces with ballistic shields, and supplied ballistic armour plates to the Spain border police and body armour to the Estonian police force.

The Indo-French defence partnership has flourished over the years, driven by shared values and a mutual pursuit of security. This collaboration has witnessed remarkable milestones, including the historic induction of the French Ouragan fighter jet into the Indian Air Force in 1953 and the recent deployment of Rafale fighter jets.

MKU’s Kavro TAC-II stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of India and France in delivering cutting-edge solutions to address defence needs. As Europe commemorates Bastille Day, MKU reaffirms its dedication to ensuring the safety and security of Europe’s elite forces, empowering them with the most advanced defence tools available.