CST is proud to announce our full high-definition (HD) long-range camera.

The Spectrel 121000/340 is an integrated unit, based on a highly sensitive HD megapixel color C-MOS camera and a powerful zoom lens, ideal for day / night coastal surveillance, camp perimeter protection, protecting sensitive infrastructures and similar applications.

The camera designed to deliver high-performance images, even under the harshest conditions, in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.

Key Features 

  • Optical zoom from 30mm to 1,000mm (33x)
  • Both HD-SDI digital and analogue video output
  • ±0.2 milliradians boresight retention
  • Active temperature compensation
  • Digital image stabilisation
  • Extended night mode
  • Global shutter
  • Fog penetration
  • External sync
  • Sensitivity down to 0.01Lux@ VGA resolution

The Spectrel 121000 / 340 adds full high-definiton capability to our existing line-up of ruggedised high-performance cameras.

For upgrade purposes, the camera is fully compatible with most existing CST cameras.