Always keen to offer armed forces innovative solutions that meet their ever-changing operational needs, John Cockerill Defense is presenting at DSEI, and for the first time in Europe, its new concept of a light, precise, powerful and protected multi-mission turret, the Cockerill 1030.

With more than 1000 turrets in service today worldwide, of which more than 600 are equipped with the Mk44 gun, John Cockerill Defense has gained a unique experience, particularly in the development, manufacturing and management of quality standards, which has resulted in the new Cockerill 1030.

This experience guarantees a high level of reliability and performance in terms of firing accuracy, stabilisation and integration. The updated electronic architecture of the Cockerill.

The updated electronic architecture of the Cockerill® 1030 is similar to our Cockerill CPWS Gen. 2 turret, which offers digital technology and an open architecture allowing the integration of various sights, AT missiles, smoke grenade launchers, etc., while being agnostic in regard to the manufacturers of these components.

The new Cockerill 1030, a lightweight modular turret with a low silhouette, remotely operated and equipped with a 30×173 mm cannon such as the Mk44(S), has successfully passed its first phase of tests and firing trials during this year. Its lightness (<1.5t with level 2 ballistic protection), compactness (1.5m diameter at the vehicle interface), 200 round capacity, 2 digital sighting systems, high elevation (up to 70°) and it’s the ability to integrate a wide range of options such as (AT missiles, rockets, APS, 360° close observation. …) make it the ideal weapon system for all types of vehicles and missions (APC, IFV, anti-drone, amphibious…) that require high firepower, high performance and perfect knowledge of the environment.

The modular concept of the Cockerill 1030 allows it to be multi-mission with a fully configurable turret according to the customer’s needs. We are able to offer different configurations, from a full option turret with level 4 ballistic protection, 200 available rounds and anti-tank missiles for maximum protection, to an ultra-light turret without ballistic protection for amphibious vehicles, to a lower cost version for a single operator.

Thierry Renaudin, President of John Cockerill Defense: “We are proud to present, for the first time on the European market, this new innovative concept which combines power and lightness. All our experience and know-how in terms of reliability and performance are concentrated in this turret. Its modularity, a real asset of the entire John Cockerill Defense range, allows us to respond in an innovative and efficient way to the needs of armed forces.”

John Cockerill Defense – DSEI 2021 – stand H4-109