Mobile-Protected Firepower

CMI Defence has joined SAIC and ST Kinetics to participate in the US Army’s Mobile-Protected Firepower programme. CMI Defence will offer its Cockerill® 3105 turret together with its Cockerill® 105mm gun. The Cockerill® 3105 turret and the 105mm gun are non-developmental items (NDI) that are qualified, in production and with deliveries in progress. They offer a high level of reliability and a low level of risk due to their mature and qualified status. As it celebrates its 200th anniversary of existence in 2017, CMI Defence is committed to working with its partner companies in providing best-in-class firepower systems to the US Army present and future war fighter.

Commenting on this agreement with SAIC and ST Kinetics, Mr Jean Luc-Maurange, President of CMI Defence stated: “We are very proud to team with these two world-renowned companies to offer a state-of-the-art solution to the US Army. The system we are proposing to the US Army, together with SAIC and ST Kinetics, represents years of development effort and industrialisation optimisation: we have brought it from concept to delivery in record time. Together, we are uniquely suited to supply the US Army with the weapon system solution it requires and within the required schedule.”

Progress in Medium-Calibre Armament System

CMI Defence has made major progress for one year in the frame of its CRADA with ARDEC: it has delivered a medium-calibre turret to the US Army for integration of the ARDEC Future Medium-Calibre Armament System (MCAS). Over the next several weeks, the armament system will be integrated into this variant of the Cockerill® 3030 turret at US Army ARDEC. This integration will be followed by live fire testing ending early next year. The turret system provides a cutting-edge situational-based fire control system, as well as the XM813, the US Army’s linkless 30mm medium-calibre weapon system, currently to be fielded as part of the STRYKER ONS. This system has the capability, once tested, to be used in multiple future US Army programmes.

Commenting on this, Jean-Luc Maurange stated: “With this delivery, CMI Defence has achieved a major milestone in its collaboration with the US Army. Our responsiveness to US Army requirements and our efforts to develop a world-class solution together with the US Army, are testament to the dedication and pursuit of excellence of our staff.

“We look forward to future collaboration with the US Army as it brings into service new innovative firepower systems.”