Welcome to FAUN Trackway’s fifth product showcase. Our products, used in land and air operations, are relied upon daily by military engineers in more than 40 countries. This month we will be taking a look at our C40 ROADWAY DISPENSER.

Our C40 Roadway Dispenser unit is a plant mounted transportation, recovery and storage system for C40 Trackway®. It is mounted via a bespoke adaptor plate with quick-release hydraulic coupling to a host machine with suitable listing capacity, fitted with auxiliary hydraulic connections.

The C40 Roadway Dispenser carries up to 40m of C40 Trackway®, which are coiled onto an interchangeable spool at the centre of the dispenser. The Trackway® is deployed under constant tension in less than three minutes when driving the Front-End loaded or rough terrain tele-handler forwards and recovered in less than five minutes hydraulically when reversing, preventing tucking or bow waves. An empty spool can be released and replaced, as well as replaced with a full spool ready for deployment in less than five minutes. The host machine requires two personnel – one plant operator and one ground guide.

The dispenser requires simple, periodic, maintenance offering a reduced whole life cost. It is supplied in RAL 2011 Safety Orange as standard, however other colours are available upon request at additional cost. C40 Trackway® withstands ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C.