Bisalloy Steels has further extended its international market presence with the launch of a new BISALLOY branded website by its South African partner, ADG Mobility (ADGM).

ADGM is a leading manufacturer of protected mobility solutions and distributor of the BISALLOY® steel range following the joint signing of a co-operation agreement in March this year.

Apart from confirming ADGM as a supplier of the BISALLOY® steel range in South Africa, the agreement means that the company also uses BISALLOY® steel products in its range of armoured vehicles.

The launch of the new website is good news for Bisalloy as it will provide potential new South African customers with improved access to all its product and technical information.

The new website will help ADGM and Bisalloy further solidify their relationship and strengthen their position in this important market.

The website can be found at