WEW, a THIELMANN company, has been awarded a contract by the Belgian Ministry of Defence to deliver 36 Deployable Fuel Distribution Capacity (DFDC) tank containers to the Belgian Army.

The contract was signed with the Belgian procurement authority in October 2016. Deliveries commenced in September 2017 and continued through to May 2018.

The double-shell DFDC was developed by WEW to meet the Belgian Army’s requirements in response to an open competition. The 8,000L fuel container system is designed to provide an autonomous, mobile, deployable system able to dispense diesel or kerosene directly into vehicles or other containers via twin dispensing hose reels with a 12m hose each and a 3in Nato standard drybreak coupling.

The system is integrated into a 20ft standard ISO container frame, and will be transported on existing Belgian Army trucks and trailers. It is compatible with the hook lift system employed by the Belgian Army.

Each tank container is equipped with overfill protection and level sensors, an electric power generator GENSET (6kVA, 400V/230V, 50Hz), and pump able to dispense fuel at 280L/min – 300L/min at maximum flow rate. Other technical features include transfer pumping and tank self-load/unloading capability.

“WEW was able to deliver the DFDCs as scheduled on the delivery scheme,” commented Jan Van der Elst, quality assurance representative of Belgium’s Directorate General Material Resources.

“Throughout the whole process all the contract negotiations went very smoothly and the quality and delivery of the DFDCs was flawless.”

Björn Stolz, Managing Director, WEW, said: “This is the first time we have worked with the Belgian Army and we are very pleased to have fulfilled the order in line with the schedule. We are the only company able to deliver these high-specification fuel tank container systems and we look forward to seeing them enter into service with the Belgian Army in the very near future.”