Nurol Makina participates BDSA Exhibition 2022 held at ROMAERO Aerospace Complex. This is the third BDSA exhibition for Nurol Makina and Nurol Makina vehicles have been demonstrated at Romania in the past.

Nurol Makina’s indigenous design NMS 4×4 vehicle in pick-up configuration will be displayed in the exhibition. NMS 4×4 is latest vehicle development of Nurol Makina and is already in service in some countries. The superior protection and mobility features differentiates this vehicle from the competition. NMS 4×4 also is a multi-role vehicle serving as combat support missions with various remote weapon stations, rapid intervention as well surveillance missions.

Even though only NMS 4×4 pick-up configuration will be displayed at the exhibition, Nurol Makina offers full spectrum of its multi-mission vehicles to Romania. The configuration variety of Nurol Makina vehicles clearly meets wide range of mission requirement of Romanian Armed and Security Forces.

Nurol Makina has over 1,500 vehicles in service in almost 20 countries, which serves with high reliability and performance at highly critical missionsincluding NATO and UN Missions beyond national deployments. The performance of Nurol Makina vehicles have already been proven under regular as well as asymmetric warfare conditions and are categorized as combat proven. Thanks to their NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA), all vehicles are suitable for quick and highly effective integration with Romanian specific mission systems.

NGVA infrastructure also ensures any future upgrades to be made easily during their 30 years of service life. Multirole character of the vehicles ensures lower integrated support costs during the whole lifecycle of the vehicles.

Nurol Makina is a company under Nurol Holding, which is one of the biggest conglomarates in Turkey with diverse business activities. Nurol Holding is mainly active in construction, mining, real estate, investment banking as well as hospitality services beyond defense. Nurol Construction is currently active in Romania with a highway project. Nurol Holding companies are quite experienced in international business not only through direct sales/projects but also with international partnerships. Nurol Holding companies have realized various business partnerships so far, from establishing joint venture companies to project based partnerships in various parts of the world.

Nurol Makina has been continuing its collaborations in the provision of land platforms for nearly 30 years, and is committed to establish long-term, mutually beneficial industrial collaborations with its partners and customers.

Nurol Makina officials are welcoming the visitors at the indoor booth HALL C No: 201.

About Nurol Makina

Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.Ş is a defence industry company in operation since 1976 as an affiliate to Nurol Holding. With over 40 years of industrial experience and technological infrastructure, Nurol Makina carries out indigenous system design and production for armoured combat vehicles, armoured personnel carriers, and special purpose platforms in the 4×4 segment.

Members of Nurol Makina’s product family include EJDER TOMA, EJDER YALÇIN, EJDER KUNTER, ILGAZ and NMS, which are each game changers of their own class and have been preferred by dozens of countries on the continent from Asia to Europe, from Africa to the Middle East and from South America to Central Asia. Taking life-cycle cost-effectiveness into account, Nurol Makina offers solutions that, beyond the provision of the vehicle, also respond to the operational needs of the user.

Thanks to its high performing vehicles, Nurol Makina conducts with increasing momentum its domestic and international operations in the fields of defence and national security.