Unauthorized drones may cause chaos or safety incidents at airports, such as crashing into airplanes and interfering with flights. To enhance airport security, anti-drone systems are being employed to add a layer of aerial surveillance. In a specific instance, a Comprehensive Anti-Drone System with drone controller positioning capability from NovoQuad Group has been deployed for safeguarding a military airport in Southern Europe.

The protected airport is located in an urban area and near the sea, and this complex application environment places high requirements on the detection performance and the deployment strategy of the anti-drone system. Following a meticulous analysis of the operating environment and customer requirements, a Comprehensive Anti-Drone System was proposed and ultimately selected by the Navy in Southern Europe. This system integrates 7 stationary anti-drone devices controlled and managed through a unified Control Software System, including a Detection Radar, a Directional Jammer, 3 RF Detectors, a GPS Spoofer, and a Camera.

The Detection Radar adopts 3D active phased-array radar technology to achieve accurate detection within long range. The Directional Jammer has 6 jamming frequency bands which could be customized. The RF Detector is designed to work well in all-direction and all-weather. With multi-RF detector networking feature, it could achieve direction and distance measurement of target drones and their controllers. The GPS Spoofer is based on simulated satellite technology, transmitting strong satellite signal with fake location information to the target drones. The Camera consists of a visible camera and a laser illuminator, which could track target drones over long distance for endless 360-degree without dead ends.

All anti-drone devices are connected to the Control Software System, simplifying management and monitoring. This entire system is affixed to the rooftops of three airport buildings, strategically arranged in a triangular pattern, to optimize coverage and effectiveness in neutralizing drone threats.

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