In the Army, being on time is part of discipline, which is instilled in new recruits during basic training. Reliability is shown by being on time. It also helps avoid any disciplinary action, like UCMJ – Uniform Code of Military Justice that may hinder the achievement of goals. In the context of the importance of time, quality must improve, and modern technology must be utilised efficiently in all aspects of army force. Otherwise, the military is doomed to be obsolete.

Modern technology in the army: What does it involve?

Different kinds of technological fundamentals are used in army forces. Basically, that would be categorized as tactical and mechanical engineering. Military technology is often researched and developed by scientists and engineers specifically for use by the armed forces.The purpose of Tactical Engineering, also known as Armaments Engineering, is to design, develop, test, and manage military weapons and systems. Mechanical engineering department manages the maintenance and repair of military hardware, vehicles and aircraft within the armed forces. It provides maintenance services for helicopters, tanks, trucks, armored personnel carriers, radios, radar, gun, and missile systems.

Tires: Basis of Mechanical Engineering

The tires perform the same basic functions such as supporting loads, transferring driving and braking torques, generating cornering forces, and cushioning impacts.  However, military tires are generally vehicle-specific designs that include mobility and damage resistance features that go beyond trucks and off-road tires. Tires are therefore playing a prominent part in the army’s force.

The Effective Way To Use Tire Technology

Tires for military use can be made of steel or aluminum as well as included in CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) and Run Flat Systems. Run Flat System comes with a new technology, called a run flat changing machine, that makes it easier to change run flat gears. It has developed and patented for fitting to a wide range of military and security force off road vehicles. Run flat changing machine has been designed to allow for the changing of tyres in a very short time  without the need for specialist equipment so that it provides cost and time saving to have a qualified army.