Alexander Battery Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of custom Lithium Ion battery packs and proprietary chargers. Alexander is announcing the completion of its factory expansion in Peterlee from approximately 16,000 square feet to over 56,000 square feet. The expansion includes a tripling of new assembly lines, a significant investment in new manufacturing equipment, additional engineering and quality labs for product development, expanded warehouse space and new facilities to accommodate new staff in battery technology, quality, supply chain, and customer service to support OEM’s power source solutions.

“The capital infusions we have received over the past year from our financing partner Shard Credit Partners Ltd. have enabled us to complete our new expansion in record time.  In order to meet increased customer demand related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we accelerated our buildout to accommodate the needs of our Medical and Health & Safety OEM customers.  We have also been very fortunate with the addition of many dedicated staff that have helped us achieve our customers’ needs during these difficult times.  Without their support we could not have met our goals.”

Alexander Battery Technologies continues to be a leader in the custom Lithium Ion battery pack market and achieves this goal by focusing on its innovation, quality and partnerships with its OEM customers. Alexander has forged long lasting relationships with its OEM customer base during its 40 year history and continues to add Fortune 100 Medical and Industrial clients to continue the significant growth experienced over the last 4 years..

About Alexander Technologies Europe Ltd

Alexander uses innovative design and development in delivering advanced Lithium Ion and NiMH battery pack solutions for its customers with complete compatibility between the battery and charging system. With design in Europe and the United States and assembly plants in the UK and Malaysia, Alexander Battery Technologies is recognized as a design leader in portable power. Our engineers’ partner with the customer at the early stages of design to meet their specifications and provide significant time, money and resource savings. This process allows for a single source for power design needs and allows the OEM to source the required power solutions from a single supplier. Alexander Battery Technologies provides integrated power and charger solutions for Powered Air Purifying Respirators, Portable Medical Devices, Back Up Power Sources, Professional Power Tools, Robotics, and many other applications.