Safety of every soldier deployed on terrain is the most important factor for the success in meeting mission objectives. Surveillance gadgets, drones, cell phones, remote controls…. can all be weaponized and used against deployed units. Sometimes it can lead to a failed mission and even loss of life. Equipping soldiers with reliable jammers increases safety greatly with almost no mission cost increase. And safety is priceless itself.Modern warfare is getting more sophisticated everyday, in terms of using technology for different purposes. Easy access to technology makes even civilians, potentially dangerous, with serious capacity to compromise and endanger military units without even being exposed to action.It is crucial to make sure to minimize those threats with signal jammers to avoid dangerous surprises. Deployed military units can be covered and protected  with portable jammers carried by some soldiers that are arranged in protective formation. First and last in column and similar, to ensure safe formation movement.Even consumer electronics can be used for remote detonation, drone surveillance, wireless cameras, wireless microphones and different wi-fi sensors, Having a jammer on you greatly reduces the risk of those types of attacks and desired effects.