The ABBS Crowdcube Funding pitch has achieved £286,000 in investments so far with 3 days to go, almost 3x its’ initial target of £100,000.

The pitch can be viewed here:

ABBS has developed a suite of active and passive systems designed to provide the occupants complete protection from injury from under-belly mines.

The systems are:

VGAM™ – Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation – Uses Linear Rocket Motors (LRM™) with approx. 9kNs impulse to eliminate G-load injuries.

VAFS™ – Vehicle Active Floor System – Prevents lower limb injuries due to floor shock.

CRBP™ – Composite Reinforced Belly Plate – Minimises deformation, prevents contact with floor and fragment penetration.

The picture sequence below shows our complete suite of systems in action:

Enquiries for the Composite Reinforced Belly Plate design are encouraged. Please fill out the form on this page to request further information.