Intracom Defense (IDE) has signed a contract with Krauss Maffei Wegmann for the supply of WiSPR systems.

This latest contract concerns an extension of supply for the use of the German Armed Forces. The contract also incorporates WiSPR modular training stations, to facilitate hands-on personnel training on vehicular system configurations.

WiSPR Communication and Information System sustains its international market success due to its unrivalled performance in effective vehicular communications and its seamless integration with both legacy and IP-based systems and sensors, enhancing substantially the crew situational awareness.

About IDE

IDE is the leading defense company in Greece with significant international activity. IDE designs, develops and manufactures products and systems that incorporate advanced in-house developed technologies in the areas of Missile Electronics, Tactical Communication and Information Systems, Border and Area Security solutions, Hybrid Electric Power Systems and Unmanned Surface and Air platforms.

IDE is a registered NATO supplier and participates in international development and production programs, as well as in international collaborations for the production and export of defense equipment.