This year, we celebrate our 30th Anniversary as ‘A World Renowned and Respected Turkish Defence Company’. Since 1989, from the moment that the contract for our initiation programme of Armoured Combat Vehicles (ACV) production became effective, we have come a very long way. Successfully completing major local and export programmes, in addition to attaining “globally trusted and respected Turkish partner in defence”.

We have managed to raise our flag in every region we proudly accomplished several ‘firsts’ within our area of expertise. Today, building up on those accomplishments, we are planning our next 30 years.

Looking at what we have accomplished in those 30 years, and starting with the production of ACV’s, we see FNSS evolving into a global company designing, developing and delivering solutions like the innovative KAPLAN Family of vehicles which transformed the Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) Class into the 21st Century; the PARS Family of vehicles which has become a standard of reference for tactical wheeled armoured vehicles; highly specialised platforms like the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV), the OTTER Rapid Deployable Amphibious Wet GAP Crossing System and the Armoured Amphibious Combat Earthmover (AACE); modernisation solutions like the M113A4 that are unparalleled in the world; and specialised turrets like the SABER and TEBER which considerably increase combat effectiveness.

Throughout this transformation, with every programme we have undertaken, be it at home or in friendly and allied countries, we have proven until this time and again that we are a trusted supplier that is always behind its products. One of the best examples of this is clearly visible with the ACV’s delivered under our first production programme 30 years ago, which comprise the backbone of the Turkish mechanised infantry and are still operational today.

We have continuously supported our ACV-15 platforms, which were selected following extensive testing by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), produced in the highest quality standards. When needed, we have provided the same level of support at the locations of the platforms, be it border regions; or remotely located military installations where we established maintenance lines. We worked with the understanding as if we were ‘a military factory of the TAF’. We continued the same approach with our overseas users and provided the same level of support as if we were a local company.

Eventually, we have delivered over 4000 combat platforms from our extensive family of products, ranging from the 15t class of tracked armoured vehicles to medium weight class tank and 4×4 and 8×8 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles; from combat engineering vehicles to modernisation and sustainment solutions for aged armoured vehicles, to our users in different countries. We continue to support each and every one with the same care. Today our products are making a name for themselves as solutions whose performances surpass the requirements of the extensive acceptance tests of the user and are proving themselves in combat.

Value Addition thru Creative Solutions

A further pre-condition of a trustworthy land systems supplier for our users is meeting their requirements with creative and innovative solutions. Looking back at 30 Years of FNSS, we have deservedly accomplished this as well.

In all areas of our activity; be it our tracked or wheeled armoured combat and engineering vehicles or modernisation programmes and turret systems, we provide leading edge, competitive, trustworthy and flexible solutions. In the international arena, with major competitions, which include comparative testing, winning against world-renowned manufacturers is a strong indicator of the quality of the solutions we present. However, an even stronger indicator is having users choose to work with us once more after the completion of their first programme.

In the four countries where we are actively involved in as local supplier, we continue to be awarded new projects one after the other. Even in countries where we are involved in with our first undertaking, we strongly believe in the award of follow-on projects.
Today, in all of the areas we participate in, we aim to be able to present potential users with the best solution range; and to see us succeeding brings great pride to all of us FNSS employees.

Creating User Focused Solutions

We approach every request of our users as separate projects. We listen to their specific needs and create special solutions tailored to meet their requirements. Our ability to respond in such a way is the result of our flexible processes, established design and product know-how and the subsequent flexibility of our business partners as well as our supply-chain.

We give life to user focused solutions that are direct responses to specific requirements with the likes of the Armoured Amphibious Combat Earthmover (AACE), which is the only available amphibious vehicle in its class in the market today, and the KAPLAN MT Medium Weight Class Tank, which has brought a new breath to the tank classes. These represent some of the recent spot-on solutions that are a result of the FNSS approach, based on understanding the requirement and responding appropriately.

A further indicator of our flexible approach to accommodate the specific requirements of our users can be seen in the fact that with every programme we undertake, we are able to provide the platforms in a multitude of configurations, specific to each user.

IDEF ‘19 Showcasing the FNSS Commitment and Dedication to Users

As a globally active company, we participate in a large number of shows every year. IDEF holds a very special place among those organisations. As FNSS, we realise our largest participation and showcase our widest range of products at IDEF. Starting in 1993, we have been a part of every IDEF show to date. In this respect, each IDEF has presented the evolution of our family of products, the growth and diversity of our users and our progressive development towards becoming a global company. IDEF ‘19 will now be a reflection of 30 Years of Success and show the world at large that we are ready for the next 30 years.

At IDEF ‘19 we will exhibit a series of vehicles and systems for the first time:

– The KAPLAN 10, which was developed under the Anti-Tank Vehicle (ATV) Programme and has recently been proven in firing trials, will be on display for the first time. PARS 4×4, the wheeled partner of KAPLAN 10 under the same programme, are completing their qualification process and will soon start entering service. We believe that both of these platforms will serve as special mission vehicles with friendly and allied countries for many years to come, following entry into service with the TAF.

– The most recent example of the ability of FNSS to respond to special requirements with innovative solutions is the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV). Developed towards the requirement of the Turkish Naval Forces Command for an amphibious armoured vehicle, the prototype of the MAV will be publicly displayed for the first time at IDEF ‘19. Dual role by definition, the MAV must provide a high performance both on land and in the water. Very few countries have this capability in inventory and only one company other than FNSS within NATO and its allies that can produce this class of vehicle.

– The PARS III 8×8 Combat Engineering Vehicle and the AV-8 CBRN vehicle will greet visitors as representatives of our innovative approach in the field of wheeled armoured vehicles.

– Our approach to the ACV Modernisation solution will go to show that as FNSS, we still support our platforms of 30 years ago and that we are still able to present valid solutions for our vehicles to be effective well into the future.

– Our Anti-Tank Remotely Controlled Turret (ARCT) and Armoured Remote Weapon System (ARWS) solutions will be displayed to showcase the fire power of our armoured combat platforms.

Additionally, representing yet another ‘first’ in the sector, the Award Ceremony for the 3rd MILDESIGN International Military Land Vehicles Design Competition will take place during IDEF ‘19, similar to ‘15. We would like to invite all IDEF visitors with an interest into the future of military land platforms to our ‘19 Award Ceremony.

We Are Confident of the Future

When our first ever vehicle left the production line in 1991, we had visionary employees who predicted that at its 30th Anniversary, FNSS would become a global player. Today, when we take into consideration the serial production of the ACV-AD under the KORKUT and HISAR Programmes; the build-up to the serial production of the KAPLAN 10 and PARS 4×4 platforms under the ATV Programme; the PARS 6×6 IZCI/SCOUT that will be produced for the Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles requirement, we see the next 30 Years of FNSS. We will continue to support all these platforms, which are either entering or will be entering service in the near future, over the next 30 years and keep their mobility, survivability and fire power always up to date. Many more vehicles, like the KAPLAN MT and MAV in the near future as well as those to be developed over the longer term and launched at future IDEF’s will be joining them.

With everything we do, we move forward by continuously taking the human element into account. Today, with a work force of close to 1000 competent and dynamic employees, we deliver innovative solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle, from design to support. Already at the Alpha Leadership Academy, which recently became operational, we have started training the leaders of tomorrow, who will be carrying the legacy of the past 30 Years into the next 30.

FNSS has always been in the service of those protecting the homeland, and will keep on doing so into the next 30 Years.