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AI in the sky: can drone surveillance technology replace CCTV?

Skylark Labs has unveiled a new surveillance system, which uses unmanned aerial vehicles and mounted cameras to scan large crowds. It applies artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to detect faces, weapons, and boasts lip-reading capabilities. Talal Husseini explores the technology’s potential for the defence and security industry.

In pictures: the UK MoD’s future robot army

The UK Ministry of Defence has pledged funding of £66m to fast-track the development of military robotics for use on the battlefield by 2020. Talal Husseini takes a look at some of the projects in development.

US Army retrofits Stinger missiles with proximity fuses for drones

The US Army is retrofitting Raytheon-built Stinger surface-to-air missiles with proximity fuses to allow soldiers to perform counter-drone missions.

The most senior military women across Nato nations

Inspired by Royal Air Force Air Marshal becoming the first female three-star General in the UK Armed Forces, we took a look at the most senior women in the military forces of Nato countries and their careers.

Singapore Army inducts fully digitalised Hunter armoured fighting vehicle

The Singapore Ministry of Defence has commissioned the new Hunter armoured fighting vehicle that will provide improved firepower, mobility, and protection.

GD wins US Army contract for new Rocket-Assisted Projectile round

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) has received a contract from the US Army for the prototype and process development of a new, extended range 155mm Rocket-Assisted Projectile artillery round.

Raytheon merger deal with United Technologies to rock defence industry

Raytheon has agreed to a merger deal with United Technologies (UT) to create a company serving the aerospace and defence industries.

NP Aerospace secures British Army armoured vehicles support contract

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded a contract to NP Aerospace to deliver maintenance and upgrades for British Army armoured vehicles.

US researchers show potential of lightweight foam for armoured vehicles

Researchers at North Carolina State University have demonstrated a new composite metal foam (CMF) material that can stop armour-piercing .50cal rounds from piercing armoured vehicles as effectively as steel, while having the advantage of weighing half as much.

US Army to conduct flight test of future hypersonic weapons

The US Army is set to conduct the first joint flight test of future hypersonic weapons, which will be followed by tests every six months until they are fielded by fiscal year 2023.