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Stephanie Phillips

Global Defence Technology: Issue 32

In this issue: We profile a new smartphone app that aims to support therapy services for military veterans, look at the retrofuturistic designs of the past, investigate new developments in robotic on-board decision-making capabilities and much more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 28

In this issue: We look at the UK’s critical role in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, the Australian military’s plan to protect the country’s mineral resources, why investment in portable power systems is declining and much more

Global Defence Technology: Issue 25

In this issue: Ultra-wideband microwave radar used to detect IEDs, the future of force protection for vehicles, a new multifaceted approach to improving ballistic protection and much more

Global Defence Technology: Issue 24

In this issue: The development of electromagnetic pulse-like weapons, the benefits of crowd sourcing for developing future technologies, how allegations of corruption and political machinations are disrupting progress in Iraq and much more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 22

In this issue: President Obama’s approach to Middle East relations, a new wave of kamikaze unmanned aircraft, technologically advanced smartphones for the battlefield and the war against piracy.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 20

In this issue: the role of the private sector in the military aerospace industry, rapidly deployable barriers and new WMD detection systems.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 19

In this issue: research into biofuels, new materials to improve soldiers’ helmets, the lightweight exoskeleton and much more.

Global Defence Technology: Issue 18

In this issue: Top craft for littoral patrol, protecting digital infrastructure, the UAE’s armoured vehicle ambitions, advances in flight simulation technology, and much more.