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Why Challenger 2 scrapping shows lack of support for UK manufacturing

The UK’s main battle tank, the Challenger 2 is coming to the end of its life after 20 years in service. Now leaks suggest the vehicle is about to be scrapped with no replacement.

Trump’s defence budget boosts Lockheed, but Saudi relationship a potential hazard

Lockheed Martin has exceeded analyst expectations, but uncertainty over the future Saudi- US defence relations could impact the company’s future.

The Challenger II gets an upgrade to cope with new Russian threats

The UK needs to upgrade its fleet of Challenger 2 tanks to be able to compete with a new generation of highly dangerous Russian tanks, but after 20 years of service it might be better to start work on a brand new vehicle.

Global tensions are encouraging countries to better arm themselves

The Peace Research Institute, based in Oslo, estimates that 2016 was the fifth deadliest year since the end of the cold war, despite the overall number of conflicts falling.