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UK’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation launches procurement pipeline

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), an entity under the UK’s Ministry of Defence, has launched its procurement pipeline.

US Army funds autonomous drone recharge study

The US Army has funded a research programme that seeks to develop necessary technologies that will enable drones to autonomously recharge from ground vehicles.

Barrett: Live asset tracking for mobile military operations

To ensure optimal use of resources, the ability to track assets on land and sea is vital to mission success.

Adaptable communications for rapidly changing operational environments

Effective communications systems are critical to military operations. With Barrett Communications’ range of transceivers and supporting equipment, commands are ready to deploy with full support in rapidly changing operational environments worldwide.

Overhauling radio communications systems for the Fijian Army

Ten refurbished Bushmaster transport vehicles for the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) have been running for more than 12 months with radio systems provided by Barrett Communications. We catch up with Ben Jackson from Barrett to learn more about the vehicle upgrade project and the systems’ performance.