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Explosives detection: the world’s first sniffer drone

The world’s first drone-based explosive detection system, SpectroDrone, has been unveiled by Laser Detect Systems in Tel Aviv, Israel. With a flight range of 3km and its ability to identify explosives and other hazardous materials at distance, the integrated laser-based drone platform is pushing the frontiers of drone capabilities. LDS president Eli Venezia discusses SpectroDrone’s advantages and the challenges involved with its development.

Inside the US Army’s Warrior Training Alliance

The Warrior Training Alliance ushers in a new ethos in the way the US Army trains its soldier. With a collaborative approach to both live and virtual training at its heart, the $11.2bn program looks a much slicker beast, as Claire Apthorp reports.

Friendly fire: accounting for the stolen arsenal of ISIS

The use of hundreds of Toyota utility trucks in ISIS propaganda videos has prompted debate over the military supply chain in the Middle East. How does advanced equipment end up in the hands of militant groups, and is it possible to address this violent cycle of supply and demand?

Starting over: Afghanistan’s military revamp

Afghanistan’s defence spending is set to increase significantly as the country sets out to completely overhaul its national infrastructure and defence industry. Simon Williams and Nicholas Dale discuss Afghanistan’s future military strategy and take a look at the equipment on the country’s procurement list.

The tech and the deals: a special report from DSEI

This year’s DSEI once again saw the world’s defence industry descend on the Excel in London’s Docklands to discuss the latest developments in defence technology and show delegations from over 40 countries the state of the art. Claire Apthorp reports.

Safer with data: protecting Pakistan’s schools with predictive analytics

A new technology partnership backed by UNICEF aims to help make 1,000 schools safer in Pakistan. Spearheaded by predictive analytics firm Predictify.Me, the Pakistan Safe Schools initiative will introduce simulation software to assess the level of risk preparedness of schools and generate recommendations for school and community safety plans. Predictify.Me CEO Rob Burns explains more.

World of Tanks developer on rebuilding lost legends

Wargaming’s suite of online games lets players take virtual command of history’s greatest war machines, but the company is now helping to restore historic vehicles in the real world. From the lifting of a Dornier 17 bomber from the bottom of the English Channel to the recently-announced restoration of the legendary Panzer VIII Maus tank, Wargaming is working with museums around the world to preserve historic military tech for generations to come.

Total immersion: military training gets real

“Hyper-realistic” training takes military learning out of the classroom and on to the battlefield using actors, Hollywood-style explosions and combat wound effects. Two experts in reality-based training discuss its benefits and how it fits into the broader training landscape.

Batteries included: BAE’s built-in battlefield power solution

New batteries that can be built into the structure of devices could lift a weight off army operations and logistics. Chris Lo profiles a new battery concept that could help push military power supply and storage into the 21st century.

Future infantry: unravelling the Indian Army’s F-INSAS programme

F-INSAS aims to put the Indian Army at the forefront of soldier tech, but precious little is currently known about it. Chris Lo tries to separate fact from rumour to build an accurate picture of India’s ambitious future soldier programme.