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Top tweets on military and security in Q2 2021

1. Jens Stoltenberg’s tweet on NATO-Ukraine Commission meeting

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, tweeted on NATO-Ukraine Commission meeting held to discuss the security situation around Ukraine. The NATO and its allies expressed their support towards maintaining the security and territorial integrity of Ukraine and expressed concern over Russian military build-up around the country. They also condemned the ceasefire violations made by Russia-backed militants.

The NATO called on Russia to uphold the protocols drawn under the Minsk Agreements and withdraw its military forces around Ukraine. The allies also praised the constraint shown by Ukraine despite the provocations made by Russia and appreciated the progress made by the country in delivering key reforms.

Username: Jens Stoltenberg

Twitter handle: @jensstoltenberg

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2. Nicholas Drummond’s tweet on cancellation of the Warrior CSP upgrade

Nicholas Drummond, a defence industry analyst, tweeted on how the cancellation of the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (CSP) could impact the UK army. He compared the infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) capabilities of various countries including the US with 2,500 Bradley IFVs, Germany with 350 Puma IFVs, France with 625 wheeled IFVs and several other countries including Italy, Spain, Norway and Sweden.

Drummond questioned the UK government’s plan to scrap the Warrior CSP upgrade noting that IFVs are no longer required by the army and that the Boxer will serve as the replacement for the Warrior IFV. He noted that although the Boxer is capable, it has certain limitations and would severely impact the UK’s ability to participate in high end warfare in the future. He added that cancellation of the Warrior upgrade was not part of the army’s future strategy but rather about conserving money.

Username: Nicholas Drummond

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3. James Stavridis’ tweet on withdrawal of troops by US from Afghanistan

James Stavridis, vice chairman of the Carlyle Group, a multinational private equity firm, tweeted his interview on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by the US before September 2021. He noted that it is not a good idea to completely withdraw the troops but rather the US should continue funding the Afghan military and maintain a strong position in the country to avoid any future resurgence.

Stavridis noted that the US military had nearly 150,000 troops in Afghanistan, which has now reduced to a smaller footprint of 2,500 troops with minimal combat deaths. He noted that instead of withdrawing troops the US should continue negotiating with the Afghanistan government and ensure that there is no resurgence from the Taliban.

Username: stavridisj

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4. Defense News’ tweet on British Army’s Boxer vehicle

Defense News, a website providing defence procurement and policy news, shared an article on the British Army wanting to boost the firepower of its new Boxer mechanised infantry vehicles to compensate for the withdrawal of the Warrior armoured vehicle from its fleet in the future. The army is performing a review of the ways in which enhancements can be made to the Boxer vehicle.

The UK government dropped its plan to upgrade the Warrior IFVs following a review of its defence and security policy in March. The Warrior vehicles will remain in service until the Boxer vehicles replace them by 2050. The Boxer vehicles, however, have much less fire power and were initially procured to perform a different role.

The swappable mission modules of the Boxer vehicles can address these issues by providing the flexibility to change roles. The gap left by the Warrior vehicles can be filled by developing reconnaissance variants of the Boxer vehicles fitted with anti-tank guided missiles, the article detailed.

Username: Defense News

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5. David Cenciotti’s tweet on Russia’s growing presence near NATO alliance airspace

David Cenciotti, a military aviation blogger, tweeted on the latest developments including the NATO’s report on unusual Russian presence near NATO alliance airspace. He added on how the US is closely watching the build-up of Russian military forces near Ukraine.

Another development included an Italian navy officer being expelled for spying for Russia. The Italian navy officer was caught handing over information to Russian military in exchange for money. The details of the information leaked by the officer are unclear, but the incident led to the expulsion of two Russian diplomats including one involved in the incident.

Username: David Cenciotti

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