KrAZ-6322 Soldier Military Truck, Ukraine


KrAZ-6322 Soldier is an all-terrain, 6WD high-mobility tactical vehicle designed and built by Ukrainian PJSC AutoKrAZ to support multiple mission needs of land forces.

The truck is designed to transport cargo loads and military troops, UN Peacekeeping forces, and special forces. It can be used for towing heavy artillery systems with a calibre between 152mm and 203mm. It can also serve as a ballast prime mover for aircraft transportation on airfields.

KrAZ-6322 truck orders and deliveries

Sisu 8x8, also called Sisu E13TP 8x8, is a high-mobility tactical military truck developed by Sisu Defence in Finland.

AutoKrAZ was awarded a contract by the Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of Defence for the supply of KrAZ-6322 platform trucks in 2014. The first batch of the KrAZ-6322 off-road vehicles was shipped to the Egyptian Ministry of Defence Armament Authority in April 2014. Shipment of the next batch of vehicles began in April 2015.

The Lao People's Democratic Republic awarded a contract to AutoKrAZ for the supply of KrAZ-6322 AWD military trucks in December 2014. The vehicles will be delivered through to 2015.

Design and features of KrAZ-6322 off-road truck

The KrAZ-6322 tactical vehicle is based on a 6x6 chassis. It can carry up to 24 persons, while its cabin accommodates up to three people.

The truck is 9.1m long, 3.25m in overall height and 2.72m-wide. It has a kerb mass of 12,700kg, full mass of 22,800kg, and a load carrying capacity of 10,000kg. Its design permissible payload weight is 12,000kg, and the truck has a towed trailer permissible full mass of 10,000kg on all terrains and 30,000kg while travelling on hard cover roads.

Recommended towed trailer weight for aircraft on the concrete airfields is 75,000kg.

A unique winch with a tractive force of approximately 12t is fitted to provide self-recovery, recovery of stuck vehicles, and easy loading of heavy cargoes on a trailer. The vehicle can be built in both left-hand and right-hand drive versions based on customer's request.

The truck offers armour protection for the occupants and main units against mine blasts. It also boasts defensive electronic countermeasures.

KrAZ-6322 vehicle's propulsion details

The KrAZ-6322 military platform truck is powered by an eight-cylinder, V-shaped, turbo-charged YAMZ-238DE2 diesel engine with a generating capacity of 330hp. The engine is equipped with an air cleaning system and is coupled with the 9JS150?? transmission system. It complies with the Euro 0 emissions standards.

"The KrAZ-6322 tactical can carry up to 24 persons, while its cabin accommodates up to three people."

An eight-speed, two-range type YAMZ-2381 mechanical gearbox is incorporated into the vehicle, alongside a YAMZ-183 single disk clutch. The vehicle is also fitted with 530/70-21 tyres, which employ a tyre pressure control system and centralised tire inflation system to obtain high off-road capability.

It features two-stage, one-speed central truck driving axles with cross-axle lockable differentials, through-type intermediate axle. It also has a mechanical, two-shaft transfer case with lockable inter-axle and inter-wheel differentials.

The truck is equipped with two fuel tanks, each with a capacity of 250l, while the engine burns 39l of fuel per 100km.

Mobility of the KrAZ-6322 military truck

The tactical vehicle travels at a maximum speed of 80km/h and has a range up to 1,500km. It has a turning radius of 13.5m and can negotiate water obstacles up to 1.5m and side slopes of 25º. It can traverse through snow cover of up to 0.6m and can climb grades of 35º.

Excellent manoeuvrability and high cross-country ability in difficult environmental conditions is offered by the KrAZ-6322 military truck; it is capable of moving through any terrain. The truck can also withstand temperatures ranging between -50ºC and +60ºC.

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