Pure H2O

Water Filtration Systems for Harsh Environments

Pure H2O are a Danish-owned company who produce and market mobile water purifiers for use in areas affected by natural disasters or other places where clean drinking water is scarce.

Pure H2O produces mobile and modular clean drinking water solutions through its water purification concept called the BlueBox concept.

The concept is based on reverse osmosis filtration technology, and consists of cartridge filters, active carbon and UV light. The purification method is well known and used widely.

Complete drinking water systems suitable for army camps

We have the ability to supply complete drinking water systems for light and medium field camps and communities in a variety of geological locations and meteorological situations.

The company is also active in developing drinking water systems for rural development, which is part of a desire to market its activities into the bottom of the pyramid, the largest but poorest socio-economic group.

Assisting societies with scarce resources in getting access to safe water remains to be an important value and motivational drive for the company.

Superior water filtration systems

All Pure H2O's water systems are made with the finest grade stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials - we only use the best.

Our system is fitted with proven superior membranes. The reverse osmosis filtration process relies on a very dense membrane through which only water and some low-molecular weight compounds pass.

This means that the feed stream is divided into a permeate containing pure water and the concentrate which contains all dissolved solids.

Water filtration systems for the defence industry

The BlueBox concept has been sold in many countries and to military and emergency deployment organisations as well as armed forces authorities.

They choose the BlueBox concept because of its 'best-in-class' features such as our filtration design mixed with high modularity. We can provide clean water solutions from 450l/hr up to 4,000l/hr.

Our standard solutions are designed to comply with basic needs and typical client criteria. We always listen to your special needs in order to accommodate a solution that is the most useful for you. Here is a short listing of basic criteria met by the BlueBox concept:

  • Energy efficiency and low running costs: you pay only for what you need, and at a low production cost, making this machine very cost efficient on the long term. Let us assist you in calculating costs
  • Durability for years: with the right maintenance, this machine will endure many years of providing drinking water. You have solved any drinking water issue for a very long time, and can focus your efforts on other important activities
  • Drinking quality and health standards compliance: through state of the art components and reverse osmosis technology you can always be sure that the BlueBox concept will produce the best drinking water quality, and have security in the knowledge that we comply with the World Health Organisation's (WHO) quality standards. Water purified through Pure H2O's BlueBox plant has been tested at state-controlled Danish and foreign laboratories. The tests demonstrate that end users at virtually all places with access to surface water can get clean drinking water that is in compliance with WHO standards
  • Environment friendly solutions: the units do not contain oil or chemicals that may adversely impact the environment. Add our solar array and you are free of the need for fossil fuels

A combination of filtering methods, sturdy material, simple construction in a plastic container, easy operation, large capacity, low energy consumption and mobility is what makes Pure H2O products unique.

Your partner

When you acquire a Pure H2O solution you also get a solid partner, who will respond with training and service for your maintenance tasks in order to comply to your needs and a pleasant experience with our solutions.

Contact Details

Pure H2O A/S
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Contact: Jesper Ellegaard - CEO
+45 8020 8020
0045 40 403 403
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