Hydraulic and Electrical Winches for Trucks and Vehicles

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STARTER is a manufacturer of hydraulic and electrical winches for trucks and vehicles, including armoured and special vehicles. Established in 1971, we have developed a range of high-level recovery winches dedicated to military applications that are used around the world.

STARTER's range of winches

Our range of hydraulic and electrical winches for difficult environments have forces ranging from 0t to 50t and can be mounted on the side, rear, front, inside the chassis, behind the cabin, etc. of the vehicle.

Products include:

  • Front and rear mount winches: electric and hydraulic from 0kN to 10kN
  • Side winches: hydraulic from 6kN to 20kN
  • Rear cabin winches: hydraulic from 6kN to 30kN
  • Twin winches: hydraulic from 10kN to 50kN

STARTER's engineering know-how

Our design department lies in the deep knowledge of the military automotive industry. Our dedicated engineers design custom-built solutions and specialise in product conception and project management. Furthermore, our calculation software as well as our testing devices, allows us to guarantee a high level of validation.

Our manufacturing know-how is based on our long experience in sheet metal working, welding, mechanics and hydraulic, air and electric power. Every part or component used in our production is mastered, proven and certified.

Our know-how as integrator of winching solutions guarantees our perfect mastery of all the steps required for the winching solution integration on your vehicle. From the analysis of your needs to the changes on the vehicle, through to the definition of your technical specification, the STARTER teams guide you in order to find the solution that is best suited to your needs.

Winch design for military applications and environments

At STARTER we put a special emphasis on the control system of our winches. We consider that the safety and the efficiency of pulling operations are highly dependent on the quality of the interface. Easy-to-read information, easy-to-operate switches and ergonomic devices are all key issues. Our winches are also developed to be used in difficult environments, and are equipped with heavy-duty protection for shock, sealing and electromagnetic interference.

Services from dedicated engineers

This also includes training and after-sales, with a spare parts policy based on reliability and availability. From solution design to maintenance through mock-up and setting, our team offers full support to your project. Our dedicated engineers can work side by side with our customers anywhere in the world.

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