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Robust Rubber Track Pads for Military Vehicles

Tank tracks

Ocean Rubber Factory is a global manufacturer of advanced technical rubber solutions such as truck pads for military vehicles. Products can be customised to enable operations in the harshest of environments.

Pads for wheels of military transport and tracked vehicles

With more than 25 years' experience in the production of rubber track pads, ORF uses innovative and modern manufacturing techniques.

Top quality, tested rubber track pads are consistently produced for military vehicles and other tracked vehicles worldwide, meeting all the necessary standards and conditions. This is achieved by managing the complete production process using ORF's resources, ensuring control and flexibility while developing products.

The strategic location of the main factories in the UAE (closer 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport), making it ideal to service developing markets and the Middle East.

ORF meets requirements for MIL standards [MIL-DTL-11891G], and is accredited with approvals from the most respected institutions in the world. Products are also made in accordance with Quality Assurance Systems: ISO 9001:2008.

Rubber compounds for wheels operating on adverse terrains

Compounds can be custom-designed by ORF to suit vehicle requirements for any terrain and environmental conditions. ORF's specially formulated rubber compound for track pad offers:

  • High cutting and chipping-resistance
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • High cut growth resistance
  • High-abrasion resistance
  • Low hysteresis / high-resilience
  • Thermo chemical stability / resistance to heat
  • Resistance to oxygen and ozone
  • Storage stability

Detachable track pads for armoured personnel carriers

ORF is a prime supplier of the Track Pads for the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier. These detachable Track Pads are moulded from the highest quality rubber, bonded to a high-grade steel back plate. ORF's specially formulated rubber compound of this pad is water and weather-resistant, which enables the track to perform in a wide range of battlefield environments.

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Rubber track pads for main battle tanks

ORF is provides track pads for M60 Main Battle Tanks used by the militaries of various countries in Europe and the Middle East This ISO 9001 engineered product is moulded from the highest quality rubber.

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Replaceable track pads for armoured combat transport

ORF is a main supplier of rubber track pads for BMP-3 Armoured Personnel Carriers. These replaceable pads are produced from premium quality rubber using innovative production techniques.

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Light tank track pads

ORF is a prime supplier of rubber track pads for AMX-13 Light Tanks. These replaceable pads are moulded from high-quality rubber using modern production processes.

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Rubber track pads for combat tanks

ORF is one of the main suppliers of rubber track pads for T80 main battle tanks for government customers in Europe in the Middle East.

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In addition, ORF manufactures and supplies rubber track pads for the AMX-30 Main Battle Tanks around the world.

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ORF also makes rubber track pads for the AMX-56 LECLERC MBT Main Battle Tanks on a worldwide basis.

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ORF produces rubber track pads for SAURER 4K 4FA applications.

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Customised road wheels and track pad overhaul services

ORF manufactures various road wheels for APCs, MBTs and other custom vehicles, that enable heavy vehicles to move smoothly on harsh terrains. ORF's specially formulated rubber compound for road wheels for tanks offers optimum traction to the track, while absorbing considerable impact.

Advantages include:

  • Manufactured and supplied rubber track pads for T-80 UK MBT, TOR M2 Guided Missile Carriers etc
  • Manufactured and supplied various custom-made track pads according to client requirements
  • ORF offers both overhaul and refurbishment of worn-out track pads

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