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Portable Electrical Power Systems, Transfer Switches and Power Distribution Products

Lex Products Corporation produces superior electrical power distribution and control systems to the most demanding markets. An industry-leader in both commercial and military power distribution markets, our success is due in large part to continuous innovation, award-winning customer service, and world-class manufacturing techniques.

Rugged portable power distribution systems

Our focus is on markets with special requirements – rough use, extreme climates, and high amounts of power load balancing. We know how to produce products that stand up to the standards of excellence that military applications demand; Lex is the official supplier of portable power distribution systems to the US Marine Corps.

Portable electrical power systems

Lex PowerHouse portable power distribution products utilize molded rubber enclosures to provide exceptional shock and impact resistance. This unique enclosure design allows us to design products that are more compact and durable than traditional metal units.

We make all the necessary elements to create robust mobile electric power distribution systems with capacities from 5kW up to 300kW, including all necessary power cabling.

Portable automatic transfer switches

Automatic transfer switches are used in critical electrical power applications where power must be reliably maintained. Applications include command and control centers, base camps, field hospitals, and communication systems. Maintenance transfers are accomplished in a closed transition with no interruption of power. The Lex automatic transfer switch also restores power automatically in an open transition by automatically starting and transferring loads to a secondary power source when the primary power source fails or is shut down. The product offers fully automatic, manual, and remote operation and monitoring.

Power cable assemblies

Cable assemblies include extensions, bare end tie-ins, as well as soft Siamese. Connector types can be cam type, pin and sleeve, Mil Spec or NEMA. All cable assemblies are built to meet or exceed commercial and military standards.

Customized portable power solutions

Lex Products manufactures standard UL listed portable power distribution products for commercial and military applications. We can also utilize our unique molded rubber enclosures to create custom electrical distribution products to meet unusual requirements.

A full-time staff of mechanical and electrical engineers can design a portable electrical box to your specifications, providing you with the benefit of our 25 years of experience creating electrical products that survive the rigors of military field use.

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