Solid State Disks

Solid State Disk Storage Solutions and Data Storage Emulators

Solid State Disks, based in the UK, is a market leader for providing solutions for military and defence storage requirements.

We provide reactive design and development for bespoke storage disk and tape emulators for legacy computer installations. These have included recent MoD projects such as:

  • Hermes disk emulator in conjunction with BA Systems and the Greek Army
  • Watchman radar 8in disk and floppy emulators in conjunction with Alenia Marconi
  • Programme-loading tape-drive emulator for Nimrod surveillance aircraft in conjunction with BAE
  • SCSI bridge emulator for simulators with BAE
  • Flash disk supply for Nimrod aircraft direct to the MOD
  • Supply of disk emulators for Legacy DPS6 computer for British Energy Heysham


The acquisition of M-Systems by SanDisk for $1 billion is now complete and approved by the SEC. This has extended our product range and further reduced the price of the mil grade solid-state disks used to replace vulnerable rotating hard disks in rugged and mission-critical computing systems (e.g., UAV, vehicle, man carried).

The new 5000 series low cost 'commercial' SSD products also now easily exceed hard-disk performance, reliability, life and environmental tolerance.

The 64GB variant of the low-cost SSD5000 UATA (PATA) and SATA product range for rugged laptops, as offered by DELL and approved by Microsoft® WHQL for Vista, increases to 256GB (shortly POA). The new CF5000 industrial grade fast compact flash device has also recently been launched.

We believe it is important that IPTs, primary contractors and customers are aware of the operational advantages this technology can now offer, including a reduced cost of end-use ownership when compared to rotating hard disk or tape.

Solid State Disks is SanDisk's military partner in the UK for innovative rugged electronic solid-state disks based on flash memory. The Fast Flash Disk (FFD) product family provides drop-in replacements for mechanical serial ATA, Ultra ATA/IDE and wide Ultra320 SCSI flash drives, available in standard 1.8in, 2.5in and 3.5in form factors with capacities ranging from 128MB to 352GB, burst performance up to 320MB/s and read and write performance up to 45MB/s.

Designed for systems that require highly reliable data-storage operating under harsh environmental conditions, FFD is the perfect storage solution for military and aerospace, tactical computers, and rugged laptops, telecommunications, blade servers and computing systems.

SanDisk FFDs have been integrated by designers since 1997 as a storage solution for data recorders, moving maps, sonar, radar, fire control systems, black boxes, C4ISR, airborne reconnaissance systems, rugged laptops, tactical computers, routers and gateways, blade servers, workstations and servers in air forces, navies and armies worldwide.


Solid State Disks are recognised as a leader in the field of upgrading data storage for mid-size, legacy computer systems. Because the storage drive unit is typically the least reliable element, Reactive's products and systems can prolong the life of aging computer systems.

By upgrading your present drive to Solid State Disks' state-of-the-art SCSI based emulation systems you can utilise modern features such as off-line high-speed disk copy, backup to Jazz, DAT tape, or Magneto-Optical (MO) disk. On-line copy, internal mirroring, and other RAID techniques are also available.

These data storage products are ideally suited for upgrading mini, mainframe, and real-time computer systems. Due to limitations in the original software or hardware, these systems are often unable to migrate to later computer platforms and storage systems.


Solid State Disks' Tiger Product Group specialises in design of bespoke emulators on all aspects of advanced data storage. Recent products include the Nimrod programming load unit to replace aging ¼in tape drives with flash disk technology, having to design the interfaces to connect to 20-year interfaces for radar and CTS interfaces.

The Tiger Group's COTS products include a range of solid-state disks (flash and SRAM based), solid-state recorders and disk emulators for use in sensitive applications where speed, ruggedness, reliability, predictability and data security are the dominant concerns.