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High-Performance, Wide-Bandwidth Military Antennas and Antenna-Positioner Systems

ARA designs and manufactures high-performance wide-bandwidth antennas for military and civilian applications. These antennas are supplied to the communications, surveillance, and jamming (counter RF IED) military markets, as well as to the public safety civilian market.

Antennas and antenna-positioner systems for commercial and military frequency band coverage

The ARA antenna products cover all the commercial and military frequency bands from 10Hz to 80GHz. They are available as omni-directional antennas for wide area coverage and as high gain directional antennas for direction finding or targeting. ARA provides narrow-band antennas for SATCOM communications, as well as multi-octave SIGINT antennas. These antenna system products are used at fixed sites, on ground vehicles, and as man portable tactical antennas. ARA antennas and antenna-positioner systems have been deployed on aircraft and ships.

In 1963, Antenna Research Associates opened as an engineering and product development company. The late R Wayne Masters (OSU, Class of '41, 1987 distinguished alumni award) was President/CTO from the 1960s until 1989. Today, the company maintains private ownership with facilities in Beltsville, Maryland, and Pembroke, Massachusetts. ARA also serves markets in Europe, the UK, Asia and Latin America.

Individually calibrated antennas and test equipment for TEMPEST and EMC testing

Antenna Research started with an initial focus to develop broadband and electrically small antennas for SIGINT and COMINT applications. Its focus in the field of electromagnetism and broadband antennas led to the development of individually calibrated antennas and test equipment for TEMPEST and EMC testing. From antennas, electromagnetism and EMC testing, the company expanded its role into radio frequency (RF) subsystems for communication and ECM / ECCM applications, tactical and military systems.

The mobile and tactical RF division (MTRF) was created in 1999, with a focus on design and development of tactical antennas and systems. The majority of the MTR units' products cater to government and military needs. The MTRF specializes in high-volume production manufacturing products, from small quantities to many thousands.

In 2003, Seavey Engineering in Pembroke, MA, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Antenna Research. The Seavey Division has pioneered the design and manufacture of antennas for many microwave systems. Among these are satellite systems including mobile satellites, database broadcast satellites (DBS), very small aperture terminals (VSATs), ship earth stations and low earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary earth orbit (GEO) user terminals of many types.

Integration and testing of antennas and antenna systems for military and commercial applications

Antenna Research also specializes in customization and 'built to print' services. ARA provides the technical expertise in the design, materials management, fabrication, assembly, integration and testing of antennas and antenna systems for military and commercial applications.

ARA has a 45,000ft2 ISO 900X production facility located in Beltsville, Maryland, with an experienced antenna production engineering, manufacturing and sales staff.

Antenna Research's quality commitment

ARA has a rigorous quality management system (QMS), based upon ISO 9001:2008. Its Beltsville, operations are certified to this standard by the British Standards Institution (BSI). In Pembroke, ARA is certified by TUV USA.

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Broadband, Narrowband and Integrated Antenna Systems 16 April 2013 For over 40 years, Antenna Research Associates (ARA) has been an industry leader in the design, development and manufacturing of a diverse line of broadband, narrowband, and integrated antenna systems, covering frequency ranges from 100Hz to 100GHz.