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Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle (ALSV)
23 April, 2014 Flyer advanced light strike vehicle (ALSV) is a lightweight, air transportable tactical wheeled vehicle designed and manufactured jointly by General Dynamics and Flyer Defense for the US...

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Refrigerated Tricon (Triple...
The refrigerated tricon container has single temperature refrigeration and serves as either a fridge or freezer. The unit is conveniently one piece. The condenser and evaporator sections are...

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Global Defence Technology: Issue 38
14 April, 2014 In this issue: How the British soldier’s kit evolved during operations Iraq and Afghanistan, the world’s nuclear arsenal, breakthroughs in networked simulation training for pilots, naval...

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Gichner Electronic Equipment Shelters
Gichner Systems Group Gichner Systems Group's turn-key electronics enclosures provide users with a secure, transportable and scalable environment for housing computer systems, communications equipment, and...

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Tech firm shows off 3-D printed weapon detector
With the help of crowdfunding, a UK-based technology firm is producing the world’s first detector capable of identifying plastic 3-D printed weapons.

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SPINNER Offers Success with Precision
22 April, 2014 Telephony, radio and internet using satellites - the ever increasing uses in the SatCom industry combined with the increasing demands on transmission capacity and operating conditions have led to...