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Chirok (Teal) Reconnaissance and Strike Drone
25 February, 2015 Chirok (Teal) is an unmanned amphibious reconnaissance and strike drone (RSD) being developed by United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), a branch of state-owned Rostec Corporation,...

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unival® group
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The best security equipment can be useless, if the operator is not skilled enough to handle it with maximum efficiency even under critical circumstances....

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Russia’s arms investments: a wake-up call for the West?
24 February, 2015 Russia’s aggression in the Ukraine has triggered a bout of investment by NATO states in neighbouring regions, but Russia itself has spent so extensively on defence in the past year that it...

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iOra Builds on UK MOD Success with £1.5m+ Contract
27 February, 2015 iOra has been awarded a contract worth more than £1.5m to continue to supply the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) with licences for fixed and deployed nodes of the iOra Geo-replicator replication...