Preparing satellite components for life in space

Satellites in orbit are bombarded by ionizing cosmic radiation. If left unprotected, the service life of electronics degrades, leading to interruptions in performance and critical damage to semiconductor chips.

The age of multi-domain training platforms

As military operations evolve into grey zone, cyber, and multi-domain operations, training concepts and systems too have to advance in order to prepare operators for the battlefields of the future.

MBDA and Raytheon develop roadmap to produce Patriot GEM-T in Germany

The effort will further expand the possibilities of delivering German-made systems to operators across Europe.

Qatar requests $1bn sale of FS-LIDS system from US

The counter-sUAS capability will help the Middle Eastern nation meet existing and future threats.

US won’t let China take Taiwan chip-makers ‘intact’

While speculation continues over the fate of Taiwan’s semiconductor factories in the event of an invasion by Beijing, US Ambassador O’Brien emphasises the importance of denying China the chipmaking infrastructure.