Oshkosh delivers second batch of 50 JLTVs to Lithuania

The vehicles have been delivered as part of a deal signed between Lithuania and the US in 2019.

US approves $380m sale of FIM-92K Stringer missiles to Finland

The missile systems will boost Finland’s existing defence and deterrence capabilities in the Eastern flank.

Sherpa 6 and JMA demonstrate 5G mobile capabilities for frontline troops

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense has funded the DEVCOM-managed programme.

BAE Systems partners with three companies for US Army’s OMFV design

The three defence companies include QinetiQ, Elbit Systems of America, and Curtiss-Wright.

Preparing satellite components for life in space

Satellites in orbit are bombarded by ionizing cosmic radiation. If left unprotected, the service life of electronics degrades, leading to interruptions in performance and critical damage to semiconductor chips.