Russia, India servicemen conduct mock terrorist training
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Russian and Indian servicemen conduct mock terrorist training

10 Aug 2021 (Last Updated August 10th, 2021 11:01)

The training was carried out as part of the Indo-Russia joint military exercise, Indra 2021.

Russian and Indian servicemen conduct mock terrorist training
Indra 2021 exercise will run until 13 August. Credit: Press Service of the Southern Military District/Russian Federation Defence Ministry.

Russia and India army personnel have carried out a joint anti-terrorist operation at the Prudboy training ground in the Volgograd Region in south Russia.

Under the scenario, troops successfully destroyed mock targets, reported the press office of Russia’s Southern Military District (SMD).

The training event was conducted as part of the Indra-2021 international exercise, which started on 1 August. It is set to conclude on 13 August.

A group of 250 troops of motorised rifle, tank and artillery units and SMD’s reconnaissance company of the motorised rifle unit are participating in the drills.

Approximately 250 India Army servicemen are also taking part in the exercise.

According to the plan of the latest event, servicemen were tasked with eliminating mock terrorists in a village.

The Indian Armed Forces’ motorised infantry company took the lead to start the activity and fired at the positions of the mock terrorists.

The task also included landing of special forces from the Mi-8 helicopter. Simultaneously, the Indian special forces began an assault on buildings, descending from roofs.

The press office stated: “International joint activities are carried out in accordance with the plan of international military cooperation and are aimed at strengthening and developing military cooperation between countries.”

The plan for the SMD combat training this year enables the participation of the district’s military work force in international exercises with units of the Abkhazia, Armenia, Algeria, South Ossetia, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan and Egyptian armed forces.