• Equipping Afghanistan

    In Afghanistan, more troops will equal more equipment, but has the US thought out its plan well enough? Can it ensure it can deliver on this equation? Gordon Feller investigates.

  • Driving into the Future

    Operational challenges mean armies are asking more from military vehicles. Dr Gareth Evans reports on the shape these vehicles are taking.

  • Why Denuclearisation Matters

    Denuclearisation of the world's armies has been one of the most defining topics of the decade. Defence consultant Gordon Feller tells us why.

  • Shelter from the War Storm

    The need for a safe place to rest, refuel and debrief is as old as conflict itself and modern warfare is no exception. What has changed, however, is the range...

  • Obama and Global Security

    Politicians such as Barack Obama will discuss climate change this week. But are we really debating resource distribution? By Gareth Evans.

  • Geospatial Battles Gain Global Dominance

    Wars are on longer just won on battlefields, on the land or at sea. Dr Gareth Evans examines a new breed of geospatial warfare presenting new threats to today's militaries.

  • Ministry of Detangling

    The procurement processes at the UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) have recently been under the spotlight. Its UNICOM project required one of the most advanced IT solutions in the country,...


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