• The Nocturnal Soldier

    How is the newest night-vision technology helping soldiers reach their targets and stay alive? Al Elliott investigates.

  • Technology Opportunities in Defence

    Dr Gareth Evans looks at the ongoing investment in people in defence. He also investigates the new technology opportunities that are arising for military personnel around the world.

  • Staying Secure on Base

    Security counts for little if it doesn't keep central headquarters online and protect against intrusion. Fleur Doidge looks at some of the latest technologies that are helping military operations stay...

  • 2007: When Cyberwarfare Came of Age

    There is a new war taking place over the internet that can be likened to computer games such as Doom. However, as Richard B Gasparre explains, in modern warfare, there...

  • FRES – The Future for Fighting

    Guy Richards takes a look at the UK MoD's future rapid effect system (FRES). Which platform will be chosen as the utility vehicle for the programme?


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