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Atmospheric Water Generators for Defense Industry Applications

5702 Marsh Drive, Unit K, Pacheco, 94553,California, United States of America

5702 Marsh Drive, Unit K, Pacheco, 94553,California, United States of America

Ecoloblue is a leading developer and manufacturer of standalone atmospheric water generation solutions that transform humidity in the air into clean drinkable water.

We specialise in the provision of environmentally conscious water options for a range of applications, including military forces, single family homes, offices, and any business industry requiring large volumes of potable water.

Our innovative systems can also be used in emergency scenarios as a complete and reliable disaster relief solution.

Water generation solutions for military environments

EcoloBlue’s versatile units are able to generate water in temperatures under 15°C / 59°F and with environments with less than 30% relative humidity.

All our devices are fitted with a meticulous, 11-stage water filtration system to ensure all water generated is 99.9% pure and meets or exceeds the standards for the military and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our units can be powered by any energy supply, ie. grid, solar, wind, diesel and natural gas, making them an adaptable and dependable standalone water provision solution for deployment worldwide.

Since being established in 2006, the company’s product range has grown from a simple unit for use within a single home or office unit to now include a full industrial line of powerful atmospheric water generators (AWGs).

Our catalogue ranges from the smaller EB100 unit capable of producing 100l a day, up to the largest AWG currently in existence, the EB10000, which is able to supply more than 10,000l a day.

For large-scale operations, EcoloBlue’s machines can be deployed simultaneously in order to provide a full water reservoir that is able to supply hundreds of thousands of gallons a day.

Mobile atmospheric water generators (AWGs) for defense operations

Ecoloblue has spent the last decade working in close collaboration with the defense community to significantly improve military personnel’s independence and reduce their logistical footprint in accordance with increasingly stringent requirements.

Our mid-size, 600l-1,000l machines are the ideal water supply solution for forward-operating bases, army vehicles and troop deployments.

Featuring our patented technology and state-of-the-art engineering, the systems ensure optimum energy efficiency in terms liters of water per kilowatt, as well as the highest standard of water purity, lowest maintenance costs and full compliance with worldwide defense standards.

EcoloBlue’s devices are specifically designed to allow for maximum mobility and can be trailered to provide water quickly whenever and wherever required.

Multi-filter water generators for homeland authorities

EcoloBlue’s AWG systems generate water using the moisture particles that naturally occur in the atmosphere. Dust micro-particles and other impurities are then removed via an 11-step filtration sequence that includes a powerful electrostatic air filter, specially coated condenser coils and a carbon bag bottom-tank filter, which also separates ammonia, chlorine residues and other organic compounds.

The careful filtration process also comprises funnel and mineral filters, a reverse-osmosis membrane, and three separate carbon-based charcoal filters, which all contribute to the remarkable quality and purity of the end product.

For homeland authorities, EcoloBlue has recently developed a highly advanced, independent water generator for emergency applications, the ACE 3000.

This 40ft container produces more than 750gal / 3,000l per day, which we anticipate will revolutionise the way the emergency response sector distributes first-aid potable water to disaster areas by offering the best quality water to a larger amount of people rapidly and cost-efficiently.

About EcoloBlue

EcoloBlue Inc. is a world pioneer in water generation technology and its cutting-edge systems are protected by US Patent 8,844,299. The company operates distribution facilities in 17 countries and has a global customer base.

We are a leading supplier in the home and office market with more than 10,000 customers in the US alone, as well as in the industrial-scale production of potable water in specific countries, military forces, hospitals and municipalities.

EcoBlue solutions are fully compliant with ROHS, CE and Japan Food Quarantine standards, and the company is a recognised supporter of the UN Global Compact initiative.

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