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Sebastian Shehadi

Sebastian Shehadi is political editor at Investment Monitor and a contributing writer for the New Statesman. He joined from the Financial Times, where he was an editor at fDi Magazine (undertaking dozens of high-profile interviews with the likes of Ban Ki-moon and Portuguese PM Antonio Costa). Sebastian's special interest include geopolitics, corrosive capital and emerging markets, and he has written for the FT, BBC, Sifted and Middle East Eye. Prior to his journalism career, he served as a political risk analyst at Citibank.

Western companies accused of assisting Russia through military components and conscription

A recent report to the UN has accused some Western companies of assisting Russia in its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Why did Nato enlarge?

Vladimir Putin cites Nato’s eastward expansion over the past 30 years as the justification for the Ukraine invasion, but why did the pact grow so much after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

From hamburgers to helmets: How foreign companies in Ukraine are supporting the war effort

Many foreign companies operating in Ukraine have swiftly moved to support the country as it defends itself from the Russian invasion. Sebastian Shehadi speaks to those on the ground assisting in any way they can.

Why the Ukrainian economy matters to Russia (and the rest of the world)

The Ukrainian economy is a significant global player, more so than some might imagine. Its value, all too clear to Vladimir Putin, underlines Russia’s unfolding invasion of Ukraine.