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Ross Davies

Game on: Inside Dstl’s Defence Wargaming Centre

In January, the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory opened its new Defence Wargaming Centre. Ross Davies looks at how it could support the military and inform better defence policy.

Dumb or smart? The future of military robots

As armies look to advance their use of robots, they are faced with the choice of either developing ‘dumb’ software able to follow human instructions, or ‘smart’ technology that can carry out tasks autonomously. Both systems raise questions, as Ross Davies reports.

Back to basics: trialling robust USB technology in jungle warfare

Keeping sensitive data secure yet still available to soldiers carrying out tactical actions is a challenge in harsh operational environments. Could extreme USBs, based on ‘back to basics’ hardware, improve command and control? A recent trial, coordinated by the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, suggests so, as Ross Davies reports.