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Richard B Gasparre

Britain’s Independent Deterrent

Can the UK continue its future as a maritime power without its at-sea deterrence capabilities? Richard Gasparre investigates.

Latin America Has ‘El Amor’ for Armour on Vehicles

New bulked-up civil-military hybrids are taking the Latin American market by storm. Richard Gasparre investigates.

All Aboard the Cyber Bandwagon

Will Obama’s new military cyberspace command really put an end to cyber attacks? Richard Gasparre investigates.

The Giant Awakes: China’s Military Rise

China, to some degree, owes its military growth to US consumerism. Richard B Gasparre looks at China’s recent military spend, R&D and its effect around the world.

India’s Missiles Fly Up the Learning Curve

Recent strategic missile tests in India demonstrate the country’s evolution in the field. Richard B Gasparre reports.

Arapaho Fiasco Continues for US Army

From the Kiowa to Comanche and on to the Arapaho, the US army seems incapable of learning from the past. Richard B Gasparre looks at how history seems to be repeating itself.

Size Matters – Small is Sexy in the UAV Microcosm

Richard B Gasparre discovers just how small a UAV can get.

Can Green Be Unseen?

For decades, battery-powered cars have been a dream of the environmentally friendly. Much more recently, the US Army has caught the eco-bug, but they’re making up for lost time in a hurry with the Aggressor, a next-generation alternative mobility vehicle designed for reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Richard B Gasparre investigates.